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Jan 08, 2019

Furrion Introduces Angel, an AI Virtual Concierge Designed to Enhance Travel Experiences

LAS VEGAS – Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the consumer, specialty vehicle and marine markets, today introduces Furrion's new virtual concierge with artificial intelligence, Angel. Angel is designed to simplify control of your living space, whether in the home, a recreation vehicle or aboard a yacht, and to enhance your daily life and/or travel experience.

“It is incredible to see our vision, Angel, be a reality here at CES,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “Furrion has long pushed the boundaries of innovation and we are proud to give consumers an always-present assistant that keeps their data secure while helping them enjoy their journey.  We know that sometimes the best adventures require getting off the grid, which is why Angel was created to always be there to assist regardless of their Internet connection.” 

Virtual Concierge

Angel is powered by a network that knows no limits and is built with intelligence that responds to your every move.  Angel is always ready to assist in ways we once only dreamed possible. Feeling hungry?  Angel can send your requests to the kitchen, including reminding them of dietary restrictions that go along with your profile and can order groceries or supplies that might be needed as well. 

Angel can deliver the news and weather, control your morning playlist, guide you through a yoga workout and so much more. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses facial recognition to learn your personal preferences to customize your experience.  Facial recognition authentication is an added security benefit, as Angel is able to know who is who and adjust the environment to their preferences. Learning your preferences helps Angel suggest things you may like, whether a new activity at your destination, a new restaurant or perhaps a new outfit as Angel learns your sizes and recommends outfits from your favorite retailer.  Naturally, sometimes you just want to be in the middle of nowhere and a strong connection may not be available, but that is no problem for Angel; it can operate on the Angel closed network or online. 

Built to help you push the boundaries of life and explore
Angel is a powerful tool and an intelligent guide to wherever you venture. Angel is a digital service built with technology that enhances comfort, builds connectivity and enriches your lifestyle.  As you explore new places, Angel is your guide. As your virtual travel concierge, Angel will help research locations and plan out your travel itinerary.  She can suggest local restaurants, must-do activities and lodging.  Angel can handle the bookings as well, from making reservations for you at restaurants to booking your campground or marina stay.  She can even book tickets for local attractions, taking the hassle out of trip planning.  Angel delivers valuable navigation help that goes beyond turn-by-turn commands Instead it assists with proactively giving directions, recommending points of interest, providing the best travel routes and suggesting things you may like along the route based on your preferences. 

Designed to simplify

Angel is designed to simplify the trip so you have more time to immerse yourself in your surroundings and soak up the experience.  In addition to being your virtual concierge, Angel can control the majority of electronics in your environment, including lights, blinds, media and climate.  She learns your habits and makes suggestions to the program.  Angel learns and recognizes the sound of your voice to tailor the environment to your preferences; for example, if you happen to prefer the blinds up, you can ask Angel to do that, and over time, she will just recognize that it is you in the room and make that adjustment.  Angel will deliver all notifications, calls, messages and reminders.  She can even help improve your health.  With built-in equipment, Angel can monitor your weight and even analyze the moisture levels in your skin.  As Furrion continues to develop Angel, more features along this line will be added.

Seamless Integration

At CES, Angel has been integrated into the yacht Adonis, which shows how seamlessly it  integrates to control the advance technology that is part of a mobile lifestyle.  Through a built-in voice module smart speaker located throughout the yacht, you just speak “Hi Angel” and then give your commands. For example, you can ask Angel to play a favorite playlist through the Furrion Marine speaker system in one room or throughout the yacht. There are several Furrion Smart Mirrors with an interactive display found in the master cabin and throughout the yacht.  At first glance it looks like a wall mirror, but it is so much more.  Simply touch the mirror or ask Angel to display something on it to wake it up.  Smart Mirror functions like a large tablet or touch screen allowing you view updates such as weather, schedules, news and social media.  You can even watch television or other media on the Smart Mirror.  Commands can be made via touch or asking Angel, and the response will be displayed on the mirror.  Smart Mirror, like Angel, works in the offline mode as well.  Information is pulled and stored from the Internet so that functionality is not interrupted.  When a connection is available, the system syncs and updates automatically.  The Smart Mirror aboard Adonis is the first in this ongoing project.  More functionality and features will be continually added in the future. 

Be sure to stop by Furrion’s booth #7914 in the North Hall of the LVCC and experience the grandeur of Adonis and the intelligence of Angel for yourself.  More information about Adonis can be found at Furrion.com

You can view the ANGEL AI experience here http://bit.ly/FurrionAngel

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