Furrion Chill™

Rooftop Air

And now, a better way to beat the heat.
Our dual-fan technology is not only
more quiet but it’s 25% more efficient
than single-fan units.

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Our air conditioning system beats the industry’s efficiency standard by 25%. Plus, its dual-fan technology is more quiet than single-fan units and includes a sleep mode function to further reduce vibration and noise.

Ultra Quiet Technology

At the forefront of cooling, the Furrion Chill™ is built to be ultra quiet while in use. VibrationSmart™ technology enables the dual fans to run more smoothly, while compressor dampeners reduce vibration for an operating noise so low, you won’t know it’s on.

Built for Efficiency

Furrion Chill™ is a highly effective and highly efficient air conditioner. Thanks to a cutting edge compressor with screw compression technology, it delivers superior extraordinary cooling performance using less electricity, keeping everyone cool when the temperatures rise.

Noise Reduction Technology

While offering superior cooling performance, the Furrion Chill™ utilizes dual fans to run more efficiently and reduce noise while on low settings. Designed to cool down spaces faster, you can adjust the airspeed without changing the performance of the fan.

Unrivalled Performance

Furrion Chill™ performs even in the harshest weather conditions. The Climatesmart™ technology utilizes lightweight EPP foam housing to insulate the heat exchange and isolate cool air, ensuring effective cooling performance.

How it works

Screw compression technology cools efficiently while the Vibrationsmart™ compressor dampeners reduce vibration and noise. The dual-fan feature and EPP foam housing is designed for better temperature regulation.