Furrion ePod™

Energy Pod

Created for off-grid lifestyles, this
energy station stores power at home,
at the campsite, and in the RV or yacht
with lightweight, lithium cell technology.

Good energy

The Furrion ePod™ ecosystem stores energy for off-grid living and is designed for home, RV, and marine use. The AC/DC base turns it into an energy station with 110V, plus USB outputs and a solar-charging input. It is also compatible with the Furrion eRove™.

On Standby

It can also function as backup power during outages for lights and small appliances.

Unmatched Power Flexibility

The Furrion ePod™ Power Station uses one 400Wh Furrion ePod™ battery to provide 400W of continuous power to the dual AC outputs, with up to 800W surge. DC outputs include USB type A and USB type C providing power for your mobile and portable devices.

Connect to Any Device

Furrion ePod™ delivers a wide range of options when it comes to connection. It offers 110V outlets, 2 USB C and 2 USB ports, alongside solar charging capability.

Portable Off-Grid Power

Furrion ePod™ is compatible with a 100W ultra portable solar panel. Monocrystalline cell technology delivers an industry standard 20 percent battery efficiency and 100W peak power output. Lightweight for easy transportation in a soft-sided carry case, it's designed to the highest levels of durability for the great outdoors.

Furrion eRove™ Portable Electric Cooler

As a part of Furrion’s off grid ecosystem, Furrion ePod™ can be used to power Furrion eRove™ Portable Electric Cooler. With a powerful and efficient compressor, coupled with thick insulated walls, the Furrion eRove™ provides up to 7 days of cooling with one ePod battery (in the optimal conditions).

How it works

Featuring a dual slot charging base, the Epod™’s AC/DC base turns into a power station with 110V and 12V DC outputs and USB and USB-C outlets. The solar charging input also offers endless sustainable energy.