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Furrion Affiliate Program

Make Money
With Us

Make effortless commissions from the sale of
innovative, high-value, fast-moving products. Join the Furrion affiliate program today.


Earn 7% Commission on
High-Value Sales

Earn uncapped, high-value commissions as part of the Furrion affiliate program. Share advanced, luxury products that resonate with a wide range of demographics and earn a commission every time your referral makes a purchase.

Program Highlights

- Earn 7% commission on each referred purchase.
- Wide 45-day cookies period.
- Access to exclusive affiliate promotions.
- Dedicated affiliate management to help you meet your goals.

About Furrion

Furrion is an industry leader in the recreational vehicle and off-grid living environment. For more than a decade, Furrion has worked to develop luxury and advanced products that bring the best to your living space while you explore the outdoor world. Our energy-efficient products are engineered for mobile living, helping boat and RV enthusiasts, off-grid families, and others live an enjoyable life in any location. At Furrion we’re reinventing luxury, with products built to last.

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