A Mastery of Human Skill.

Our mech technology represents a departure from conventional, human scale Exo-Bionic™ technology, integrating off-road racing components with industrial motion control to produce an entirely new breed of human piloted machine. These are sports machines, operated by athletes and built to race off-road.

Pioneering Furrion Exo-Bionic™ capabilities.

The act of learning to pilot a massive mech is a testament to the innate human drive to push boundaries and achieve excellence through practice and physical conditioning.
X1 Future sports

The future of racing is now.

Mech racing will be a closed-loop, zero-emissions sport unlike anything ever seen before. In the X1-Mech Racing League, athletes will compete against one another using their own physicality to pilot their mechs. That moment is on the horizon, and, like the future we’re designing—closer than you think.
15 feet tall. 18 feet wide. 8,000 pounds. Prosthesis is the first of its kind. Durable and agile, with a frame made from chromoly steel, it can tackle any rugged terrain. Soon, this technology titan will reach speeds of 20mph and be able to run for an hour on a single charge.

The significance of scale.

Our mechs are among the most advanced machines in the world, and they are large for a reason. Serving as a unique platform to develop high-performance technology, they are an evolutionary leap towards a future fuelled by mobile electric power systems.

Mech research and development.

Our mech technology center in Vancouver, Canada is an R&D facility creating the worlds largest Exo-Bionic mechs, while our ICIT campus in Indiana, USA serves as the perfect off-road training ground for the X1 future sports pilots.
Engineered With

Electric mobility.

Utilizing Furrion’s ePod™ lithium energy cell, mech racing will be a closed-loop, zero-emissions sport unlike anything ever seen before.
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