Human skill meets
advanced technology.

Our mech technology represents a departure from conventional,
human scale Furrion Exo-Bionic® technology, integrating off-road racing
components with industrial motion control to produce an entirely
new breed of human piloted machine. These are sports machines,
operated by athletes and built to race off-road.

Furrion Exo-Bionics®
puts the pilot first.

The act of learning to pilot a massive mech is a testament to the innate human drive to push boundaries and achieve excellence through practice and physical conditioning.
X1 - Future Sports

The future of racing begins here.

Mech racing will be a high-powered, zero-emissions sport unlike anything we've seen before. The X1-Mech Racing League will pit world class athletes against one another, strapped in to giant mech suits with hundreds of horsepower under their control. At Furrion Exo-Bionics we are striving to make that future a reality sooner than anyone had dreamed possible.
15 feet tall. 18 feet wide. 8,000 pounds. Prosthesis is the first of its kind. Durable and agile, with a frame made from chromoly steel, it can tackle any rugged terrain. In coming generations, advances in technology will improve speed, agility and endurance well beyond that of our first prototype.

The significance of scale.

Unrivaled in size and power, our exo-bionic mechs serve as a unique platform for the development of multiple branches of technology. In addition to large scale human-in-the-loop motion controls, they are also an evolutionary leap towards a future powered by mobile electric power systems.

Mech research and development.

Our mech R&D headquarters are based in Vancouver, Canada where world class engineering talent meets rugged terrain to create the ultimate mech development environment while our ICIT campus in Indiana, USA serves as an ideal off-road training ground for the X1 future sports pilots.
Clean Power

Electric mobility.

Utilizing Furrion ePod™ lithium energy cell, mech racing will be a closed-loop, zero-emissions sport unlike anything ever seen before.
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Furrion Exo-Bionics has a bold mission to revolutionize human capacity and transform the world of sport. We welcome opportunities to demonstrate our technology and are always looking to work with partners who share our vision.
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