2.4GPM Tankless Gas Water Heater


2.4GPM Tankless Gas Water Heater

Hot water on-demand has never been easier. With its heating capacity of 2.4GPM / 144GPH and a powerful 60,000BTU output, Furrion Water Heater is capable of reaching hot temperatures within a minute even when the ambient temperature is close to 32ºF. Replacement door sizes available to retrofit existing and competitor models.

24 months limited warranty
Door Size:
Available in:
  • 16.1" x 16.1"
  • 18.1" x 16.1"
  • 18.1" x 18.1"
Available in:
  • White
  • Black
  • Hot water on-demand


    The gas water heater has been engineered with advanced safety features including a pressure relief valve, over temperature protection, blower block protection and automatic shut off. Advanced engineering has created a vortex pattern inside the water mixing chamber to eliminate high temperature fluctuations to reduce the risk of hot water scalding when multiple water outlets are in use.  

    Key Features

    Hight Heating Capacity 

    Consistent Temperature 

    Electronic Ignition 

    Over Temperature Protection 

    Auto Turn Off 

    Wall Controller

    Low Pressure Alarm 

    Pressure Relief Valve 

    Retrofit Design

    • Temperature Range
    • Water Flow
    • Heating Capacity
    • Safety Features
    • Gas Supply
    • Electricity Supply
    • Water Supply
    • Dimensions
    • Temperature Range
      Temperature Setting Range: 95 -124°F (35 - 51°C)
      Default setting temperature: 115°F (46°C)
      Temperature Stability: Furrion Vortex Water Mixing Technology
      (±1.8-2.6°F (1-2°C))
    • Water Flow
      Operating Water Flow: 0.32 GAL (1.2L)/min
      Low Water Flow Protection: Auto Cut-o <0.32 GAL (1.2L)/min
    • Heating Capacity
      Automatic ignition: √
      Input BTU: 13,000 ~ 60,000BTU
      Heating Elements: Copper Heat Exchanger
      Thermal Efficiency: ≥81%
    • Safety Features
      Over Current Protection: 10 Amp Fuse
      High Water Pressure Protection: ≥87psi (6bar)Auto Release Pressure Valve
      Over Temperature Protection:
      Software Protection - 136°F, ±1.8°F (76°C, ±1°C)
      Thermal Sensor - 135°F, ±14.4°F (75°C, ±8°C)
      Exhaust Blocking Protection: √
    • Gas Supply
      Gas Supply: LP (Propane) Only
      Gas Inlet Pressure: 11 - 14” WC
      Gas Line Connector: UNF 5/8'' – 18
    • Electricity Supply
      Electric Power Supply: DC 12V 3A
    • Water Supply
      Working Pressure (Water Inlet): 10 - 65 PSI (0.68 - 4.5bar)
      Water Flow: 0.32 GAL/min (1.2L) – 2.4 GAL/min (9L)
      Water Inlet Connector: 1/2” NPT
      Water Outlet Connector: 1/2” NPT
    • Dimensions
      Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 12.81 x 12.62 x 20.75”
      324 x 320 x 526.6mm
      Net Weight (Ibs/kg): 27.6 / 12.5
  • Specifications


    Download Specifications

    User Manual


    Download User Manual
  • Fuses are designed as a safety mechanism and blow to prevent a dangerous situation. If your fuse is blowing when you turn the RV water heater on, there may be an issue with the power connection. Ensure that the power to the unit is 12 volt DC and in the correct polarity. If this problem persists, please get in touch with your local service center or Furrion directly.

    No, this RV water heater model does not have freeze protection. You will need to ensure that your unit is properly winterized. However, our climate resistance circuit boards do function at sub-zero temperatures and throughout extreme summer heats.

    Furrion RV water heaters are rated for use up to 4500 ft. However, please note that at these extreme altitudes, some reduction in water flow rate and performance may be experienced.

    Furrion RV water heaters use 5mm x 20mm 120 volts 10 amp glass fuses.

    If you have experienced an E5 error code while using your Furrion RV water heater, it suggests an issue related to air pressure. First, ensure that there is no wind blowing directly into the exhaust of the unit. You may need to reorient your RV if necessary. The problem could also be caused by a blockage in the exhaust that needs to be cleared. If neither of these solutions resolves your error, then please contact Furrion directly.

    One of the most common reasons for there being no water flow is because shutoff valves are accidentally turned off. Ensure that all shutoffs are turned back on after installation, and turn the pressure relief valve to see if water is flowing through your heater. If neither of these problems helps, please contact your local service center or Furrion directly.

    If you’ve encountered a situation where there is no hot water flowing through your camper water heater and the wall controller unit does not show the unit as running, you may have positioned the bypass valve incorrectly. You can also try turning the pressure relief valve to see if water is flowing through the heater. If neither of these two solutions helps, please contact your local service center or Furrion for assistance.

    Furrion RV water heaters provide on-demand hot water rated for up to 65 PSI of pressure. If the pressure exceeds this, then the unit might leak from the pressure relief valve and a regulator may be needed.

    Different door sizes may be selected based on your camper and what size space you have, but the hot water heater inside will remain the same size and with the same specifications.

    If you notice your RV water heater not heating to the temperature you selected on the wall controller, this could be because of a number of reasons. The first thing you should do is check for mixing valves or faucets in the system that could be causing hot and cold water to mix, leading to a lower than the selected temperature. Beyond this, check if the RV has an outside faucet and be sure that both the cold and hot water valves are closed, and the nozzle is removed.

    The Furrion tankless water heater for RVs is a 2.4GPM gas heater but can come with a range of different door sizes.
    For white doors, the sizes are: 16 1/8" x 16 1/8" , 16 1/8" x18 1/8" , 18 1/8" x 18 1/8".
    For black doors, the size is 16 1/8" x 16 1/8".

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert M. Monks
OMG game changer

My wife likes camping and staying at the camp but the one complaint she has with the RV she cant take more than a 5 min hot shower. So I started looking and saw that you can get LP instant water heaters. I said no way, so when i brought it to my wifes attention she said what are you waiting for, so we pulled the trigger. It has only been in a week and BOOM we have all the hot water we could ever want. Installation was a breeze, you basically pull out and put in. I took a little longer because I am a neat freak and I also decided to go ahead and put real on/off valves vs the plastic ones that came with the camper. All i can say if hot water is a problem for you, then you are nuts for not purchasing this furrion water heater. Mind blowing... OBTW happy wife now...


Just wanted to share my experience so far! We have had this heater 2-3 weeks now and I SCAVENGED the web for reviews but I see there are not nearly as many as there are for other tankless options due to this heater being a newer product on the market. I called Furrion due to the unavailability of the 16x18 panel (I had to fabricate my own due to a long back order 😭) and asked them about the heater and they said they have hardly had any issues with it on the customer support side of things which was a plus!

Anyway, it’s great so far! I live in Fl so we’re near Sea Level but it may not be ideal for anything above 5000 feet elevation according to Furrion (call them and find out) and it also does not have freeze protection (says Furrion) so don’t expect it to heat your water when it’s freezing outside unless you get a heated hose! Set the temp where you like: it’s hot out right now so I set it to 95 but it fluctuates to some extent so I mix in some cold and all is well. Might have to crank it up more during the colder months. Mixing in cold does NOT create any issues for us as the shutoff is at .3 gallons per minute. If you turn the water way down, expect it to shutoff. You don’t HAVE to leave it wide open for your whole shower unless you want to btw. You can turn the shower head off to lather if you want, the heater will kick off, and then you can turn it back on and then the heat will follow pretty closely (it’s a non-issue). LOVE NOT RUNNING OUT OF HOT WATER!!! Install wasn’t too hard but I’m an avid DIYer (and a former plumber) so if you don’t change your own brakes, you might need some help. I left my PEX crimper in another city so I bought 2 1/2” 20” braided supply lines and they are PERFECT for this job! The electrical is 12V NOT 120V so I ended up using the 12V power from the LP Gas switch (I tested it with my electrical tester from Harbor Freight) NOT the electric heater switch (that one is 120V). 2 of the 4 wires were no voltage. Read the manual and watch the Girard install (or Furrion if you can find it) and you’ll be fine!

Roy E. Jenkins
Won't let you down

If I ever need another tankless water heater or if asked to recommend a tankless water heater.
It is without doubt that I will recommend Furrion.
I had a problem from the moment I had it installed because the plumber inadvertently hooked the system up to a 120 volt instead of a 12 volt system.
Furrion sent another unit to replace the one that was not working.
I had never, ever, looked forward to doing the dishes.
Thank you for being there 😊

Roy Jenkins

Stan Reeves
Great Upgrade to my RV

I installed this in my 2020 Forest River Rockwood 2104S. It fit perfect in the slot when I removed the factory 6 gallon hot water tank. The only issue I had was the hot water tank is on the back of the RV along the bottom rail of the trailer. I had to slightly cut the Furrion door to fit snug in the pre cut slot, it was simple and just used a dremel to cut off the parts needs and it fits perfect. This Furrion heater is shorter in depth, so I had plenty of room to access the back of the unit and attach the water lines. I had to buy some wire for the controller since it was about an 8 foot run from the heater to my controller which I placed in my bathroom.

This heater is awesome, I have used it on a recent trip where the outside temperatures were down to 15 degrees, the consistency of the water temperature has been great, I am now taking 20 minute showers and I haven't had a single issue with this tank. The water in the shower takes approximately 5 seconds to get to the temperature I set, while the sink takes maybe 8-9 seconds since it's a further run from the heater.

I would recommend this heater to anyone that wants to have unlimited hot water.

william landrum
Game changer for life

Game changer....... I installed mine today (1/4/21) and needless to say I took a one and a half hour shower right off the bat and I am amazingly satisfied with this unit as I live in my camper and I travel for work. I never have to worry about the kids running me out of hot water ever again and I never have to worry about running out a hot water from doing laundry and dishes and taking a shower. The install was quick everything bolted right back up with the existing plumbing in the existing propane fittings. My only complaint about the unit was the screws for the door we’re missing but I happen to have some spares that fit perfectly. And that being said there is a learning curve to the temperature setting to get it just right for you and something they don’t mention the knob on the unit it’s self is to control the water flow make sure it is at max and then you adjust the temperature using the touchpad. Right now I have mine at the hottest setting just for cleaning purposes with the laundry but it makes a difference in the shower having it at the hottest. Amazing......just amazing

JG Jeep Guy
Happy wife happy life.

First, the unit comes in 2 packages. The outside door in one and the heater in the other. Both were very well packaged and protected.

Now the surprise was the unit is tiny! The attachment flange fit completely in the hole the 10 gallon Suburban fit. I had to check the packaging to see if it was correct.. well, it is. I just furred the opening down to fit the smaller flange and went forth with the install.

No hardware to fasten the cover to the unit, but I needed to get an extension line for cold water inlet so no big deal, grabbed 8 stainless machine screws, washers and nuts. Minus one star for not including the hardware and minus one star for not including the wiring for the control panel.

First fire, within 2 seconds of tap being opened it fired up and within 3 seconds reached temp at burner. Turn off tap and 3 seconds to shut down.

Worked fine on a couple loads of laundry, a sink of dishes, and the Mrs took a 20 min shower.

First day, I like it! I will give it a bit of time and see if I feel I’d fully recommend it.

This is the water heater you’ve been searching for

We have had both Atwood and Suburban tank and tankless heaters. Our last tankless was a 50k BTU that would make hot water but was sensitive to flow. This Furrion water heater makes all the other ones seem like gimmicks. It truly feels like a residential hot water shower. I wish we could have had this one years ago. Our current camp spot has tap water inlet of about 50 degrees but the Furrion outlet stays at a fairly constant 117 to 120 deg.

Some things not mentioned in the ad but be prepared for install:

You need to frame in your opening. I used a stick of 2x4 pressure treated to box in the 10 gal opening and a scrap piece of 2x12 pressure treated for the heater to set on. Make the 2x4 measure 16” square on the outside dimensions and the water heater will slide in perfectly.

You need about 6’ of butyl rubber tape to seal the water heater against your new frame. It is not included.

You will need a roll of blue wire for the control panel, 18 ga is sufficient, and appropriate wire nuts. The control panel has short leads. Even if you mount it downstairs you need blue wire. Length of roll depends on your RV but 25’ total was enough for me to run two 12’ wires upstairs to the bathroom. The polarity does not matter so both wires are blue. After some debate, I decided to mount the controller in the bathroom so that I can monitor or get a warning beep before it goes cold in case something malfunctions when I’m in the shower.

Chris Pope
If you have doubts about getting a tankless, don't. Get a Furrion! You WILL NOT regret it!

This magical piece of equipment fit PERFECTLY in the existing cutout for my Suburban 6gal water heater. Everything fit exactly as it should have, connections i had made some modifications to remove the bypass valve but also shorten the hot water pex to fit better and mainly to update the connections from T.T. to tank (plastic to brass) and my gas line was a hose so that made that part even easier. Disconnect old one, and put in new one. Took a couple hours to make sure it was done right and correctly and run control wires through the wall. I used some 18g THHN wire to extend the control wires and also to extend the 12v that was connected to the old unit. Turned switch on for old unit from electric to propane and BAM. Unit kicks on as soon as I turn hot water on, takes just a few seconds to warm up. As soon as I turn the hot off, the flame kicks off and its cools down. I now have taken 2 very comfortable long showers and I dont have to turn the water off to lather up! Im beyond sold! Worth every dang penny! Will NOT be going back to tank. There are absolutely no CONS to be said about this unit when connected to hook up sites. Boon docking may be an issue turning water off and on in shower as it will burst you with a shot of cold for a couple seconds but I rarely boon dock so yeah. I'm beyond thrilled! Thanks Furrion!

Lehman English
Best buy I've made

No short showers. Easy to install

Leila Holland
Perfect for our Airstream

Keeps the water hot!!! Love it!