Furrion Aurora™

4K Outdoor TV

Outdoor entertainment just got better. Tune into higher resolution under the sun, stars, and everything in between.

Go beyond high definition.

4K UHD upscaling elevates content with four times the pixels than HD TVs. Enjoy crisper visuals and an amplified sense of wonder.

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Engineered to last.

We designed our TVs to withstand all conditions when exposed to the elements. Vibrationsmart™ prevents damage caused by shock with metal-framed wall mounts for mobile applications. And our Climatesmart silicon-sealed components protect against damage from lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Protected with an aluminum metal case, Furrion Aurora™ is an all-weather TV. Its durable outer cover will withstand rain, snow, humidity, salt, insects and extreme temperatures, safeguarding your TV even in the harshest conditions.

Watch your Favorite Shows in Extreme Temperatures

Cooling protection on the PCB panels combined with internal fans ensures the TVs components are kept at their optimal performance as the temperatures rise.

Luminous Viewing

With its dynamic LED technology, Furrion Aurora™ provides auto brightness adjustment for maximum viewing experience. With a brightness-high of 700 nits, you’ll get a vivid and clear picture even in direct sunlight.

Powerful Sound Experience

Combined with its rugged design, Furrion Aurora’s™ built-in speakers provide high-end audio to complement its vibrant picture.

Furrion Aurora

4K Outdoor TV

How it works.

The weather-proof aluminum case protects against the elements, and Climatesmart™ technology on PCB panels safeguard components between -5 to 120 degrees. At 750nits, dynamic LED features adjust to any viewing environment.

Coming soon.

The Aurora™ 4K Outdoor TV is coming in 2019. Sign up to be notified when it's available.

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