Furrion Arctic™ FCR08DCGTA-BR-SV

8 cu. ft. Furrion Arctic® 12 Volt Built-In Refrigerator

Furrion Arctic™ FCR08DCGTA-BR-SV

8 cu. ft. Furrion Arctic® 12 Volt Built-In Refrigerator

Compact and efficient, the built-in design and large capacity delivers flexibility while elevating the aesthetics of your kitchen.

- 8 cu. ft. Furrion Arctic® DC Refrigerator - Black, Left Hinge (SKU #: FCR08DCGTA-BR)
- 8 cu. ft. Furrion Arctic® Door Panels - Stainless Steel (SKU #: C-FCR08DCGTA-A01)
- 24 months limited warranty

NOTE: The Refrigerator and Panel are shipped separately.
Selected Hinge: Left
Selected Panel: Stainless Steel
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  • Powerful, efficient cooling on the move.


    The spacious 8 cu.ft. Furrion Arctic 12V Built-In Refrigerator brings advanced cooling and durability in a sleek and elegant package. Thanks to an innovative arrangement of its components, it offers the largest capacity of any fridge in its class, delivering 33% more storage space than its counterparts within the same external dimensions, so you can bring all the comforts of home on the road. With energy consumption an important consideration while on the move, its high efficiency means this fridge won’t be a burden to your power system. Specially designed for mobile living, it’s built to fit perfectly into your existing space so you can worry less about RV renovation and more about heading off on your next adventure.

    Key Features

    - High efficiency DC compressor

    - 33% more storage space

    - Quiet operation: <43dB

    - Built-in construction

    - Customizable door panel

    - Easy installation

    - Replaceable charcoal filter

    - Door and storage lock

    • High efficiency DC compressor
    • Temperature range
    • Noise level
    • Storage volume
    • Dimension and weight
    • High efficiency DC compressor
      Input voltage: DC 12V (min. DC 10.5V to max. DC 17V)
      Input power rating: ≤ 15A (11A @ 12V DC)
      Energy Consumption: 1.08kWh per day
    • Temperature range
      Temperature range Refrigerator compartment: 32℉ to 50℉ (0℃ to +10 ℃)
      Cooling speed: 3 hours. 77℉ to 5℉ (25℃ to -15℃) with no load.
      Temperature range Freezer compartment: 10.4℉ to -4℉ (-12℃ to -20℃)
      Cooling speed: 3 hours. 77℉ to 41℉ (25 ℃ to 5℃) with no load.
    • Noise level
      ≤43dBASPL @ 1m (installed)
    • Storage volume
      Total volume: 8 cu. ft. (226L)
      Freezer volume: 2.8 cu. ft. (79L)
      Refrigerator compartment: 5.5 cu. ft. (155L)
      Half gallon bottle holder
    • Dimension and weight
      Outer Dimension (DxWxH): 24.25 x 25.75 x 53.13 " (616 x 654 x 1350mm)
      Recessed Dimension (DxWxH): 23.31 x 23.75 x 52.69" (592 x 592 x 1338mm)
      Net weight: 125lbs (56.7kg)
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