Flexible Solar

Our monocrystalline cell technology
meets top industry standards with
unique IN-SERIES wiring to make
it up to 30% more efficient than
competing models.

The rooftop, streamlined.

The solar panel’s slim design is clean, low profile, and sleek.

The Latest in Solar Panel Technology

Stay charged while off the grid with Furrion’s flexible solar panels. Made with monocrystalline cells, the highest-grade silicon, these panels deliver the best possible efficiency rating.

Increase your Solar Array

Furrion’s in series wiring lets you combine up to 4x165W panels for a total output of 660W, giving you more energy when you need it.

Streamlined Energy Generation

The energy current generated from the solar panels is first transferred through a Furrion MPPT solar charger for safe battery charging and conditioning. Energy stored in the batteries is then used to power 12V devices, or it is used with a Furrion 1000W Inverter to power 110V appliances.

How it works.

Monocrystalline cells can reach 600W with four combined panels, and the IN-SERIES wiring delivers up to 30% more efficiency. Energy feeds into the charger, then distributes to the Epod™ for storage, or to the converter.

Coming soon.

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