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May 16, 2023

Why Furrion Vision S Is the Best Backup Camera for Your RV


Discover why a Furrion Vision S® RV camera system provides better security and safety support than IP camera options, and why it’s worth the upgrade. 

You're trying to live your best life on the road, not spend 30 minutes backing your RV into a new camping spot or an entire night worried about what might be lurking near your camper. Luckily, Furrion has you covered with RV Backup Camera Systems that enhances convenience and safety.

Why do you need an RV backup camera system?

1. Increased Safety When Backing Up

One of the most common benefits of an RV backup camera system is greater rear view safety as you back your camper up to get on a road or navigate into a parking space. The backup camera gives you a clear view of what's behind your RV, which makes it easier to avoid trees, poles, and other vehicles. Even more important, it gives you an immediate heads up if a child or other person enters the area where you're trying to park, and that can stop a dangerous accident from occurring.

Diagram of Furrion Vision S RV backup camera range while backing up an RV

2. Enhanced Observation

RV cameras can also provide additional observation capability, especially when they allow for 360-degree views. You can see everything around you while you're driving, reducing blind spots to help avoid collisions while on the road. And if you want to take your RV into a tighter-than-normal space, that 360-degree view can help you thread the needle so you can move forward with your adventure. 

Diagram of Furrion Vision S RV camera system's 360 degree view

3. Security When Parked

The right observation system for your RV doesn't stop performing just because you are parked. They can continue to capture the area around your trailer or RV, so you know exactly what's outside and can rest peacefully inside.

RVer using Furrion Vision S security features while parked

Why choose Furrion Vision S® over popular IP models?

IP cameras are a popular option for residential security and low-end RV systems, in part because they are inexpensive. However, the technology of an IP camera is not as advanced as what's in the Furrion Vision S®.

Furrion's Proprietary Digital Connection Is Faster

IP cameras rely on a Wi-Fi connection. The Furrion Vision S RV camera uses a 2.4GHz dedicated digital connection, which is much more reliable and five times stronger than the Wi-Fi connection of an IP camera.

Also, IP cameras function with a slight lag — up to 1 second — between what the camera captures and what the screen displays. This is because the signal has to pass through an open Wi-Fi network. It doesn't sound like much, but 1 second is all that's needed to prevent a potential accident.

Furrion Vision S dedicated digital connection between camera and monitor

The Furrion Observation Camera system uses exclusive signal transfer technology that creates a direct link from camera to monitor. The result is a connection that meets automotive standards of less than 0.2 seconds of picture delay.

Furrion Vision S Also Captures Sound

Furrion Vision S wireless backup camera systems also capture sound at the camera site and deliver it to the monitor. That's an added benefit over IP and wired backup cameras, because you can hear what's going on at the back of your RV. You can also send someone outside to help guide the driver in backing up, and the driver can hear the feedback from that spotter over the device.

The Digital Connection Works Over Longer Distances

The 2.4GHz wireless digital connection is also stable over longer distances. The monitor will continue to display high-quality video and audio up to 492 feet away from the camera, while other wireless RV backup cameras are limited to 50 feet. That provides more flexibility for how families might use the camera for security when they set up their RVs for off-grid living or at a campground or vacation spot. For example, you can take the monitor to a neighboring campsite and keep an eye on kids back at your site or your RV for security purposes.

Furrion Vision S RV backup camera with digital antenna that works over longer distances

True-to-Life Images, Even at Night

Most IR or other camera systems use infrared night vision technology that causes colors to show up differently in the dark. Greens might appear as a dark purple, for example, and people and animals show up as bright white. Furrion cameras are equipped with a built-in IR color shutter that filters night vision images back to true color for a more accurate image that helps users distinguish obstacles or dangers.

Additional benefits of Furrion Vision S wireless backup cameras

The camera is easy to install, so you don't need to rely on special tools or technicians. In fact, it only takes around 5 minutes to install the camera and connect the camera to the monitor if your RV is already equipped with the prep system.

The waterproof cameras can be used in any environment, and they can even enhance safety when navigating roads in wet conditions.

The monitor screen can be mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle or RV so you can keep an eye on surrounding areas as you drive. From the 5- or 7-inch monitors, you can display images from up to four cameras simultaneously for a complete view around your RV. When parked, you can move the monitor to an interior mount within the RV living space so the camera can capture images for the purposes of security. Motion sensors ensure the camera is active when anything is happening around your camper, and a microphone picks up sound to help you identify whether something may or may not be a threat.

Furrion Vision S RV backup camera system monitor on vehicle dashboard

Get the Best RV Camera System for Your RV

Ultimately, Furrion Vision S is more than just a rear camera for backing up your RV, it's a comprehensive vehicle observation system with many uses. It supports safe, secure driving and activity while you enjoy adventure on the open road.

Shop our RV Backup Camera Systems to find the perfect solution for your RVing needs.



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