Furrion eRove™

Electric Cooler

Powered by Furrion ePod™, the Furrion eRove™ electric cooler is a mobile arctic ecosystem engineered to keep your goods colder for longer on any off-grid adventure.

We design products that Inspire you to explore life.

Behind every Furrion product is a story of transformation, and through a decade of innovation we challenged the status quo to redefine luxury mobile living. Now we create immersive digital experiences through home entertainment, design appliances that inspire culinary creativity, and power a new generation of off-grid, sustainable living. In your home, vehicle, yacht and beyond.

Discover new horizons with innovation that enhances comfort and connectivity.

Explore our current line of signature products for your vehicle to inspire new ways of discovering—and indulging—the world around you.

Explore oceans with technology that underlines the opulence of yachting.

A Furrion-equipped yacht brings luxury to the open water, adding elegance and advanced functionality to your daytime outings, evening entertainment plans, and everything in between the two.

A masterful and intuitive blend of design, technology and performance.

Efficient, clean and agile. This is what sets Furrion equipped spaces apart. By providing the latest developments in residential technology, we make modern luxury accessible without compromising on performance.

Our Vision

Mission Earth™

Furrion’s energy-independent solutions are high performing for lower impact and crafted with our drive for boundary-pushing engineering and design.

32,853.53 kgs of CO2

Emission Saved YTD and 249,681 trees planted since 2015.
Our Vision


Stunning, thoughtful design that pushes the boundaries for the next generation of luxury lifestyle vehicles and products.

CES 2019

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Our Vision


A pioneering research initiative focused on the development of large scale, high performance 
exo-bionic technology such as the human-piloted Prosthesis.

9 Months

Until Prosthesis's next field test at Furrion ICIT.