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Jan 26, 2021

Furrion's Vibrationsmart™ and Climatesmart™ Technologies Help You Rule the Road


Whether you're taking off for the weekend or planning a longer off-grid trip, the RV lifestyle comes with some challenges. Find out how Furrion Vibrationsmart™ and Furrion Climatesmart™ technologies can help.

When you go RVing, you experience freedom, adventure, and the call of the open road. But you might also experience some common challenges like dealing with extreme weather conditions and navigating bumpy roads. Furrion™ has developed products to help you solve many of these RV lifestyle obstacles that can gravely disrupt your RV trip.

Dealing with Bumps Along the Road

Everyone experiences bumps along the road of life. For RV enthusiasts, the bumps are both metaphorical and literal.  W
hile on the road, even on the smoothest highway, everything inside the RV is exposed to intense vibrations even if we cannot feel them. With time, the vibrations will wear out any appliance that is not built to for it.

Furrion's answer to literal bumpy roads (as well as twists and turns or ups and downs) is Vibrationsmart technology. Most Furrion products are engineered with standards that go above and beyond what you find in traditional appliances. The ovens or fridges in a regular house are not built to resist vibration and shock, simply because they don’t have to. RV appliances on the other hand, are subject to constant vibration while on the road. They need to be built with this in mind.

Vibrationsmart appliances feature structural integrity that’s tested to hold up to 4G vibration level, ensuring your appliances can withstand extreme vibration for long periods of time. Here are just a few examples of Vibrationsmart designs in action:

• The Furrion Sense® TV features metal plates, vibration-resistant terminals and heavy-duty metal wall brackets for extra durability and resistance on the road. The Vibrationsmart technology keeps your TV protected from road damage so you can enjoy it trip after trip.

Furrion Sense TVFurrion Sense TV: 12 Volt all-in-one entertainment system.

• The Furrion Chill® air conditioner deploys technology to help its dual fans run more smoothly. The Vibrationsmart dampeners absorb shock and vibration caused on the road, and reduce operating noise to ensure a comfortable journey. Instead of mounting compressor to metal, the Furrion Chill AC uses rubber grommets to dampen the vibration, which results in less noise and adds to longevity of the compressor.

Furrion Chill AC Unit for rvFurrion Chill Rooftop Unit installed on an RV.

• The Furrion 3-Burner Gas Range Oven is constructed with durable, stainless-steel design that is vibration and corrosion resistant. The 3-layer glass on the oven door offers extra protection and helps prevent cracks from heat.

Testing in a third-party, certified lab backs up these claims; Furrion Vibrationsmart technology held strong even after long durations of simulated road abuse.

Holding up to Changing Weather Conditions

Weather is ever changing, and when you're traveling great distances, you can even transport yourself and your RV from one climate zone to another. During individual journeys, you can experience a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, and your RV can go through even more variable climates as the seasons change.

Don't worry, because Furrion's Climatesmart technology has you covered. Most of Furrion's products are built with climate-tested circuit boards. That simply means they hold up to sub-zero temperatures during cold months, and extreme heat and humidity during summer. They're also made with robust materials that help them function in temperatures between -27.4 degree F to +136.4 degree F.

Whether you're a family of full-time RVers or a part time summer camper, your appliances can handle the weather. No need to worry about your camper in the desert sun during a trip to Arches National Park or the cold winter months while your camper is in storage.

Some examples of Furrion Climatesmart products in action include:

• The Furrion HD LED TVs are built to withstand extreme temperatures on the road, so you can sit back and enjoy vibrant picture quality at your favorite destinations. Climate resistant technology will keep the TV protected even in cold winter months, without the need for any winterization.

Furrion HD LED TVFurrion 39” HD LED TV is  built with Furrion's Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technology.

• Furrion's 30-inch built-in fireplace with adjustable temperature setting, which works as a companion to your RV air conditioner to keep you comfortable when you're traveling during colder months. The Climatesmart design protects against extreme temperatures, including winter storage.

The 2.4GPM Tankless Water Heater is built with climate resistant circuit boards so you can enjoy an endless flow of hot water at any time of the year, regardless of the temperature inside or outside of your RV. If you are exploring the northern coasts or deserts during winter months, you'll be extra glad that on-demand hot water is waiting for you back at the RV.


Furrion tankless water heaterFurrion's Tankless Gas Water Heater is built for the road.

Your appliances can't smoothen every bump in your RV-lifestyle road. But high-quality appliances, such as those from Furrion that are built with Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technology, can certainly make your on-the-road lifestyle safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

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