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Mar 17, 2023

Keep Things Cool: 12-Volt RV Refrigerators vs Propane


From superior cooling, to increased safety and reliability, a DC refrigerator is the perfect companion for your RV. Here are 5 reasons to consider the Furrion Arctic 12V DC Refrigerator over traditional gas-powered products.

The RV lifestyle might be about living off the grid or taking a vacation away from the trappings of your busy life, but most people would agree that RV living is not about sacrificing some of the best aspects of modern living. Safe, refrigerated meats you can toss on the grill anywhere you land and frozen ice cream for after dinner dessert are just a few of the many pleasures people enjoy while traveling in RVs — which is why you want an RV fridge that sticks with you through the journey. Find out more about the Furrion Arctic® 12V DC refrigerator below, and why you might want to pick a 12-volt RV refrigerator vs. a propane model.

Furrion Arctic RV Refrigerator in Stainless Steel finishFurrion Arctic® in Stainless Steel finish.

12V RV Refrigerators vs Propane: Why DC Refrigerators Win 

Safety. While gas appliances have come a long way, they still require a gas line, and gas is highly volatile and flammable. That means bumps or poor road conditions can lead to sparking, which can quickly escalate to a full-RV fire if you have a propane fridge.

Electric refrigerators don't run on flammable gas, making sparks and movement less of a worry. Even when you're not moving, the presence of gas is a safety concern; ventilation is critical, and you must remain aware of potential leaks. Electric RV fridges don't come with these concerns.

Performance. Electric RV refrigerators tend to provide more consistent cooling and lower temperatures, ensuring your drinks really are ice cold and helping your food last longer on every trip. One of the reasons electric trumps propane fridges is that gas-powered absorption units can be more affected by the temperatures around them.

Exploring a hot region of the country means your propane fridge can only maintain an interior temp that's a certain level below the sweltering heat around it. Compressor refrigerators don't have this problem; it can be 100 degrees F outside, 80 degrees F in your RV and still an ideal 37 degrees F inside the fridge. Plus, Furrion refrigerators don't have to be plugged in a day before you leave, which is the case with absorption models. Better performance lets the unit reach the right temperature in a much quicker period of time.

Furrion Arctic 12 Volt RefrigeratorFurrion Arctic in Black Stainless Steel finish.

Efficiency: Another factor when considering gas refrigerators vs electric is which consumes less energy. The answer is usually electrical fridges. Plus, you don't have to worry about the 12-volt battery dying as often as might happen with an absorption refrigerator.

While absorption fridges run primarily on gas, they also rely on a 12-volt battery, but they suck so much life out of the battery that you might be changing it out more often than you'd like. Electric fridges run on both 120-volt AC power when your rig is connected to shore power and 12-volt DC power from the battery. Between flexible power options and increased efficiency, you usually get a lot more life out of the battery.

Convenience: Efficient, consistent electric battery power lets you safely power your RV fridge in transit. That means you arrive at your destination with cold food and beverages immediately ready. Absorption-style units only work when they're level. Furrion 12V refrigerators work even when they're not level, so they keep things cool whether you're driving up a mountain or parked on a slope.

Flexibility: With 12V DC electrical appliances, you can draw power from solar, which is a huge benefit for those looking to go RVing off-grid. The sun might be powerful, but it can't fill the gas line to fuel a an absorption fridge.

More About Furrion 12V Fridges

Now that you've compared 12V RV refrigerators vs propane models, are you convinced that an electric refrigerator is the best way to keep lettuce crisp and beverages refreshing on your next RV trip? Consider the 12-volt Furrion Arctic refrigerator.

RV Refrigerator Interior Space

With interior space for gallon bottles, door storage, and an up-top freezer unit,  provide all the room you need to stay stocked up for snacks and meals on the road, and the streamlined design lets you enjoy these benefits without sacrificing anything on the exterior.

The Furrion design provides an extra 25% capacity without changing the built-in dimensions. You can replace a standard 6 cu. ft. RV refrigerator with Furrion's 8 cu. ft. model or replace a standard 8 cu. ft. refrigerator with a 10 cu. ft. model.  Either way, you get 2 more cubic feet of cold food storage effortlessly, using existing wiring and connectors for the installation.

Furrion Arctic RV Refrigerator Interchangeable Footprint

The high-efficiency compressor cools down four times faster than traditional absorption-type refrigerators. A closed-loop air flow design reduces heat within your cabinet enclosure to support increased cooling efficiency and greater safety within the RV. Furrion's 12V compressor utilizes an ozone-friendly refrigerant, supporting safe operation and maximum efficiency.

Furrion Arctic RV Refrigerator Compressor

Furrion's 12V refrigerator also features VibrationSmart™ technology and a suspension mounted compressor to protect components from road vibration. No matter what bumps you hit along the highway, you can rely on efficient, quiet cooling of your food to keep it safe and delicious.

Furrion Arctic RV Refrigerator in four finishes - Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Matte Black and Black Gloss.Available in four finishes: Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Matte Black and Black Gloss.

Choose from a variety of exterior options, with doors finished in high-gloss black, matte black, black VCM stainless steel or traditional stainless steel. More than a dozen configuration options put you in control of how this safe, efficient appliance fits into your RV lifestyle.

Whether you're looking forward to ice cream sundaes at a campsite or like to keep an ice-cold beverage on hand to enjoy outdoors, the Furrion 12-Volt RV refrigerators are a great choice for your on-the-go kitchen. Shop options to personalize yours today:



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