Furrion eRove™

The Ultimate
Electric Cooler.

The battery powered, solar rechargeable cooler
that’s perfect for camping, the apocalypse,
and everything in between.

  • Iceless Cooler.

    Furrion eRove doesn’t need ice to keep things cool. Charged with a Furrion ePod™ battery, it can keep food and beverages cold for up to 5 days on a single charge.

  • Best in Class Ice Retention.

    We engineered eRove with an innovative foam insulation technology that keeps the cold in for longer. In tests, eRove can keep ice frozen for a full day longer than any other cooler on the market.

  • Large Capacity.

    With 50 Quarts (46L) of storage space including 6 quarts of dry storage, eRove can store up to 72 cans. Giving you more than enough room to take everything you need with you on your next adventure.

  • Keeps You Charged.

    With two USB 2.0 ports and one USB fast charge port, you can plug all of your accessories in with ease. Your eRove even has a 10W wireless charging pad.

  • Off-Grid Camping.

    Furrion energy ecosystem lets you enjoy the outdoors. Keep your food chilled and your devices charged even when camping off-grid for a long period of time.

  • Heart of the Party.

    With 50 Quarts of capacity, eRove is the perfect portable refrigerator for your backyard barbecue. Keeping up to 72 cans ice-cold, eRove is the heart of the party.

  • Additional Fridge or Freezer.

    When you’re not on the move, keep your frozen food at sub-zero temperature by plugging in eRove and using it as an additional fridge or freezer for your home.

  • Disaster Relief.

    In case of power outage or during a natural disaster, eRove can keep heat-sensitive goods such as medicine safe for long period of time. With the ePod battery, you can keep things chilled for up to 5 days on a single charge.

Key Features.

Furrion ePod

Learn more about Furrion’s ePod and Power Station energy ecosystem.