Furrion Vision S®




Expect full range of view for smoother
mobility in drive and extra security in
park with our vehicle observation system.
Don’t worry, we got your back.

A heightened perspective.

Our high-performance vehicle observation system was designed for the road as much as it was for the natural world. It offers you full range of view for smooth mobility and extra security for peace of mind. Because you should enjoy the drive as much as the destination.

Security in a snap.

Turn the Vision S Cameras into a security system by snapping the monitor from the car into the interior wall mount of your RV. Rest easy with the camera’s motion and audio sensors around your vehicle when in unfamiliar territories.

Furrion Vision S®

Learn more about why you need an RV camera system and how Furrion Vision S® serves better than popular IP models.


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Cutting Edge Infrared Technology

The latest Vision S infrared technology automatically corrects color temperature differences created by artificial light for a true to life color rendition and a realistic final image.

Vision Quality in the Dark

Enjoy high quality, precision images in the dark. The night vision in Vision S allows you to record and capture 40ft and 16ft of clear, precise and sharp video with the side and rear camera respectively.

Sharpness at your Fingertips

Capture dynamic and sharp images even at fast speeds and in outdoor environments. The powerful image sensor in Vision S is specially designed to capture powerful outdoor images during fast motion recording.

A Powerful Chipset

The powerful Vision S chipset processes real time, high definition imaging at 24FPS and digitally locks to your monitor chipset to transmit video without interference.

How it works.

Engineered for high speeds and the outdoors, our infrared lens filter and image sensor produces sharp, true-to-life color renditions, while night vision gives you clear view of up to 52ft—all without interference or lag.