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Oct 02, 2019

Furrion combines first in class efficiency with advanced safety features in the new Furrion Arctic® 12V Refrigerator

ELKHART, INDIANA – Coming off a successful Elkhart Open House last week where customers got the first look at new products, Furrion today unveils its new ARCTIC series built-in 12V refrigerators that give consumers the best performance and safety for a mobile lifestyle.  Available in 10 Cu. Ft. and 8 Cu. Ft. with four distinct finishes, in black, matte black, stainless steel and all-new black stainless steel, these new refrigerator models are compact in size but loaded with innovation including new industry-first advanced safety features.

“Our new line of refrigerators are designed to give consumers the best cooling performance while delivering the comfort of safety while on the road,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder, and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “These new models offer the luxurious design we are known for, all while providing advanced cooling that is intelligent and energy efficient.”


Furrion Arctic 12V refrigerators are equipped with a powerful, yet ultra-quiet compressor which can cool four times faster over traditional absorption models on the market.  The cooling achieved by the compressor is remarkably consistent even through fluctuating outdoor temperature conditions, which helps if you’re carrying frozen perishables or even medical supplies that need to be stored at precise temperatures over extended periods of time. Unlike other models, it effectively removes heat during cooling, avoiding temperature build-up to ensure your goods stay cool in the intense summer heat. The ability to work on uneven terrain or slight inclines without compromising efficiency using our Vibrationsmart technology, ensures food always stays at the right temperature. Maintaining temperatures up to 60 hours with a standard battery, the Furrion Arctic lasts considerably longer than the competitors’ three hours.


As one of Furrion’s core values, the ARCTIC series is built with safety in mind. Gas absorption technology is dated, inefficient, and utilizes potentially harmful chemicals to operate. Furrion’s new 12v compressor uses a non-flammable, non-corrosive and ozone-friendly refrigerant giving safe operation and maximum efficiency. Our proprietary Vibrationsmart technology ensures the refrigerator can withstand vibrations from a traveling RV, even on the roughest road, ensuring performance is never compromised. Arctic’s internal components are designed to the highest safety specifications and an integrated discreet door latch ensures fridge doors will not accidentally open when the RV is in motion.  Even the shelving is designed with safety in mind, securely mounted inside the cavity and intended to prevent children from removing the shelving to get inside the refrigerator. Finally, unlike traditional absorption refrigerators which utilize LP gas and Ammonia, Furrion’s refrigerators use a much safer R134A refrigerant for cooling, which is non-flammable and non-corrosive.


With no side, top, or back ventilation needed, the Artic offers increased compressor efficiency and up to 33% more storage capacity than comparable models available in the market. Because they do not use gas, these refrigerators can keep cooling while you’re on the road and at high elevations because you won’t have to worry about a flame-out due to lower oxygen levels. 

The ARCTIC series is easy to install and offer complete customization with reversible hinging so consumers can choose which direction the door will open.  These new models are also some of the first to provide replaceable charcoal filters ensuring food stays fresh, and the fridge stays odor free.

Furrion’s new 10 cu.ft. and 8 cu.ft. built-in 12V refrigerators are now available on 2020 floorplans including Forest River brands Cherokee, Wolf Pup, Arctic Wolf, Ice House and Coachmen brands Catalina and Freedom Express.

The ARCTIC line will also be available online for consumer purchase.  More information is available at www.furrion.com


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