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May 22, 2017

Furrion Opens State of the Art Innovation Center and Institute of Technology

ELKHART, INDIANA – Today Furrion unveiled its Innovation Center and Institute of Technology (ICIT) which will serve as its US headquarters. The 35,000 square foot center sits on eight acres and features the latest in technology from biometric security entry to a complete solar array on the roof.  The building will house executive, sales and marketing, customer care, design, R&D, and product testing. A 12,000 square foot showroom showcases Furrion’s latest products for mobile living, the home and for business.  T

 “The ICIT represents our largest global infrastructure investment to date and will serve as our flagship office,” said Aaron Fidler, co-founder and chief executive officer of Furrion.  “We established our US presence five years ago and have had such impressive growth each year that we wanted to build a campus that represented our vision of future perfect and could grow with us as we expand.  The ICIT will unite Furrion’s designers, creative thinkers and engineers from all over the world and will act as the central hub for innovation, becoming the gateway of technology to the US specialty vehicles, yachts, home and business industries.”

“A global company like Furrion had options on where to locate its Innovation Center and Institute of Technology, but chose to create jobs here because of our low-cost, limited-regulation business climate, talented workforce and central location,” said Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger.  “Locating in the RV capitol of the world, which produces 80 percent of the world’s RVs, will ensure Furrion is close to its customers. We look forward to watching Furrion grow in the Hoosier state.”

The ICIT is a state of the art facility that features the Furrion Net-Zero solar array on the roof and is completely powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The entire building utilizes smart sensor lighting for energy efficiency.  The building has smart bathrooms that aid in conserving water, direct fiber-optic data lines to the global office in Hong Kong and drone surveillance.

As the US headquarters, the ICIT features two showrooms with the latest concepts vehicles, specialty vehicle products and innovative solutions for the home and business.  Furrion’s Elysium is a 45-foot luxury specialty vehicle complete with a helicopter and hot tub on top that sits just inside the atrium. Also in the atrium is Furrion’s latest specialty vehicle - Hercules.  Hercules is an impressive concept truck that will transport the racing mech and the Furrion Robotics trailer which features full living quarters and workspace.  Furrion reinvests 100 percent of profits back into R&D and the ICIT has a 10,000 square foot R&D lab and workspace for building concept vehicles.  A technology center, lecture hall and master command center helps the sales, marketing, engineering, design and management offices stay connected globally.  Located on site is an appliance, heavy machinery and product testing lab, and the customer service center, all located on site.

Because it’s not all work, employees have access to the country club with golf simulator, virtual reality experience, gym, sauna, showers, bar and lounge for relaxing and entertainment and pool table. The site features a heliport that serve as a transportation hub for customers throughout the US, an outdoor lounge, BBQ and fire pit area for entertainment. Eight acres of land can be used for events, as well as an outdoor showroom space for vehicles, boats and future expansion.

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Furrion (www.furrion.com) is a global technology conglomerate that designs and manufactures products and services that enhance consumer lifestyles. As a leading supplier of luxury products to various industries, Furrion’s portfolio includes electronics, appliances, renewable energy, automotive navigation, information technology, power management systems, and electrical components.


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