Off-grid Living |

May 21, 2020

Adventure in Big Bear


We are drawn to places the bring us experiences never imagined—an exploration to find a deeper connection to people and environments that challenge us physically and emotionally. We arrive in Big Bear with pause, taking a deep breath and dreaming of what wonders are on the horizon.

Known for its beauty and majestic twin buttes, Big Bear is a bounty of tribal artifacts. These natives and pioneers made this land home and told their stories with engravings and paintings in their dwellings. To this day, tribes continue to collect plants, firewood and traditional materials in the monument for their ceremonies.

Off-grid living offers us an opportunity to write our own future when and where our hearts desire. We flow with and are guided by the energy from the rock and river to understand the importance of respect and restraint. Because a sense of place for us knows no boundaries; it only offers us fresh perspectives.

Technology plays a part in all that. It has enabled us to live with all the comforts of home. We’ve equipped ourselves with tools that respond to every necessity wherever we wander. A good meal, a movie, and resources that allow us to venture further. These technological advances bring us closer to the world, both near and far.

Day one: Majestic and alive. We arrive and understand the diversity at Big Bear. Drawn here for the year-round climbing, we were greeted by a bright sunrise over the mountains and a golden field waiting for us to set up camp. We explored the new terrain and opted and set up camp on day two, still fueled by the crisp cold air.

Day two: We awoke to a storm and snowfall. Quickly setting up our solar power, we put two energy cells in our cooler and explored the uninterrupted landscape. We scouted for rocks to test our problem-solving skills and ended the night with a hot meal and a few cups of tea.

Day three: On the rock, we both come alive. We find the pulse of the earth and listen to our own hearts race as we approach the boulder we scouted on day two. We were relentless in finding our way to the top to capture the shot that will live on forever.



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