14.5K Manual Kit for Furrion Chill™ Air Conditioner System


14.5K Manual Kit for Furrion Chill™ Air Conditioner System

An aerodynamic and powerful 14.5K BTU Air Conditioner system for your RV, the rooftop unit has been engineered with dual fans to increase cooling efficiency and lower operating noise while the air distribution box gives you effortless control of the temperature and airflow.

Selected Roof top unit color: White
Selected Air Distribution box: Manual
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  • Mobile living with superior comfort


    Furrion’s aerodynamically designed, mid profile air conditioner has been engineered with dual-fan technology, an isolated plastic base, and lightweight insulated heat exchanger housing. Providing stable temperature controls, improved running efficiency, and noise reduction. With up to 40% more efficiency (EER) over leading competitive single-fan models, and comfort control settings such as “sleep mode,” the Furrion Chill™ system meets the demands of any living condition.

    Key Features

    - 14,500 BTU cooling capacity

    - Ultra quiet: sound level <80 dB

    - High energy efficiency: EER 2.19

    - Dual fan technology

    - Cleanable and replaceable air filter

    - Aerodynamic design

    - 2-way airflow

    - 3 fan speeds

    - Vibrationsmart™

    - Climatesmart™

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