Furrion Chill® HE RV Roof Air Conditioner with Standard Air Distribution Box for Manual Control

Furrion Chill® HE RV Roof Air Conditioner with Standard Air Distribution Box for Manual Control

The high-efficiency Furrion Chill RV roof air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. The streamlined, aerodynamic design resists air drag and cuts down on fuel costs while looking modern and chic.


- Rooftop Unit
- Manual Control Air Distribution Box
- 24 months limited warranty


Available in:
  • White
  • Black
Available in:
  • 15K
  • 13.5K
MSRP $1,031.90

  • Mobile living with superior comfort


    The powerful, aerodynamic Chill HE RV roof air conditioner by Furrion has been engineered with dual fans to increase cooling efficiency by 40% and lower operating noise. The dual-fan design works to move cold air into your RV while simultaneously circulating the air around the primary fan. This design reduces heat generated from operating the AC and increases airflow. The air distribution box (ADB) design allows for maximum cooling with direct downward cool airflow to cool down the RV fast. It has a shutter, and it can be turned off to maximize your duct work airflow. The detachable filter makes cleaning quick and easy. This ADB is ultra-thin for a streamlined, modern look that does not interfere with ceiling space. 

    Key Features

    - Powerful, high-capacity compressor cools RV down faster 

    - High energy efficiency ratio (EER) delivers more BTUs per unit of power 

    - Dual fans with optimized speed for quieter operation and less heat generation 

    - Aerodynamic, mid-profile design for enhanced style and better gas mileage 

    - Durable shroud is securely fastened down to protect AC unit 

    - UV-resistant finish for increased longevity 

    - Weather-resistant plastic drip pan avoids corrosion and vibrations 

    - Climatesmart™ and Vibrationsmart™ to protect against travel conditions 

    - Single-zone only has two fan speeds 

    - Multi-zone has three speeds and can monitor up to four zones 

    - ADB for roofs 3"-6" thick with a 14" roof opening 

    - Two-way airflow for circulation 

    - Detachable filter is easy to clean 

    - Temperature control is easy to use 

    - Can be used with optional heat strip 

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