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Jan 08, 2019

Furrion Brings Luxury to the High Seas at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS – Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the consumer, specialty vehicle and marine markets, makes waves as it launches the crown jewel of its concept fleet: Adonis, a 78-foot customized Numarine yacht. Towering over the booths in North hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Adonis is one of many ground breaking innovations Furrion is exhibiting at this years Consumer Electronics show.  Adonis is a luxury smart yacht – a concept that combines living luxury with futuristic innovation and artificial intelligence, with its virtual concierge Angel.

 Artificial Intelligence is just one of the new innovations Furrion is unveiling at CES 2019. In just its third year exhibiting at CES, Furrion has quadrupled its footprint at the show with exhibits showcasing Outdoor Living, Sustainable/Portable Energy, Kitchen Appliances and Compact Living.

 “This is an exciting year for the Furrion brand and kicking it off at world’s largest technology trade event with the induction of Adonis and Angel certainly makes a statement,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “This year we are showcasing solutions for every sector we serve including Marine, Home, Commercial and Recreation.  These new products advance the goals of our customers to have the best in technology and design and offer the freedom to explore more by enjoying time off the grid.”


Adonis and Angel

Adonis is a luxury yacht that houses the best of Furrion's technology, from audio and video to a full chef's kitchen, safety and observation.  Most importantly, Adonis introduces Furrion's new AI virtual concierge, Angel. Angel is powered by a network that knows no limits and built with intelligence that responds to your every move.  It is always ready to assist in ways we once only dreamed possible.

 Angel can deliver the news and weather, order food from the kitchen, control your morning playlist, guide you through a yoga workout and so much more. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses facial recognition to learn your personal preferences to customize your experience. Learning your preferences helps Angel suggest things you may like, whether a new activity at your destination, a new restaurant or perhaps a new outfit as it learns your sizes and recommends outfits from your favorite retailer. 

 Adonis features advanced technology on board and Angel seamlessly integrates to control them all, including the Furrion Sense® HDTV with built-in sound bar, observation cameras, speakers, lights, smart mirrors and much more.  Naturally, sometimes you want to be in the middle of no where and a strong connection may not be available, but that is no problem for Angel; it can operate on a closed network or online.

Outdoor Living That Brings The Party Outside

The Furrion Outdoor Living suite of products is designed to let consumers have the best experience whether entertaining outdoors in their backyard or off the grid on an adventure. From an iceless cooler, portable outdoor grill, outdoor kitchen appliances and an outdoor TV set up is perfect for watching the game, the Outdoor Living line-up is essential to a great outdoor party. The Furrion eRove® electric Cooler gives consumers a whole new level of freedom when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors.  This innovative 1.5 cubic foot cooler lets you enjoy getting away while keeping your food cool as Furrion eRove is able to keep cooling without ice for seven days with the Furrion ePod® and/or offer up to 10 days of ice without a power supply.  When on the go, Furrion eRove’s internal battery is solar rechargeable or can be recharged via a car cigarette lighter adapter.


Endless Energy Wherever You Go

Furrion has long been a leader in sustainable power for the specialty vehicle market and introducing several new portable power solutions at CES from the portable solar panel briefcase to Furrion Power Pods. Furrion ePod ecosystem (FBN12C33A1) is a 400Wh ePod battery and 400Wh power AC/DC Base (FIVSP40A-BL) that gives consumers nearly unlimited power. The batteries are solar rechargeable in addition to being able to be recharged on the dual charging station, and they are interchangeable so that one device can be powered while the other is charging.  This combo can power everything from the Furrion eRove electric cooler to a compact refrigerator, a Furrion 42” outdoor TV, a mini- blender, an air mattress pump or even a CPAP machine. The ePod™ can charge a variety of devices multiple times, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, camera batteries and even drones. The Furrion ePods combination is perfect to ensure that you have power when you need it.

Compact Living That Feels Full Sized

Furrion’s suite of compact living appliances may be small on size, but are large on features and style.  Perfect for a recreation vehicle, loft or vacation home, these appliances have all the design of their Furrion full-sized counterparts. The sleekly designed ranges are available in electric or gas, spacious oven capacity and have matching stainless hoods and bottom storage drawer. A variety of different refrigerator configurations, including a French door high-end design, all offer advanced cooling technology.  The Furrion 18” stainless dishwasher offers touch control, delayed start and smart energy consumption.

These are just a few of the stunning innovations that are on display at Furrion’s booth #7914 located in the North hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  More information about the entire Furrion line-up will be release later this week and will be available at www.furrion.com. 

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