Marine AV Entertainment 31


Furrion offers a wide range of HD and 4K UHD LED RV TVs designed for use in motorhomes and campers, but they're also great for boats or even at home. Our energy-efficient 12V TVs and AC-powered televisions offer excellent picture quality and are road-ready, built to handle vibrations and extreme temperatures.

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43" Full HD LED TV
MSRP $632.95
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40" Direct LED TV
MSRP $649.95
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Stereo Systems

Looking for an RV stereo or marine stereo to play all your favorite media and take your "on-the-go stereo experience" to new heights? Then you need a Furrion all-in-one entertainment system. Furrion's Audio Entertainment Systems make it simple to listen to high-quality music in your RV or marine vessel. Enjoy your favorite collection from the DVD system or connect with Bluetooth to stream songs from your favorite music app on your mobile device. Choose between one to three-zone systems depending on your RV or boat size and needs.

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120W 2-Zone RV & Marine Entertainment System with DVD and Front Facing HDMI
MSRP $270.95
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40W 2-Zone RV & Marine Entertainment System
MSRP $147.95
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260W 3-Zone RV & Marine Entertainment System with Independent Zone Control and DVD
MSRP $367.95
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Furrion offers a wide range of soundbars to improve your audio experience. Whether you need an outdoor soundbar for your backyard or an RV soundbar for road trips in your camper. Furrion soundbars are designed to deliver high-quality all-round sound for movies, TV shows and music.

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2-Zone Soundbar
MSRP $270.95
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Furrion speakers are designed to enhance your RV, marine and outdoor experience by delivering immersive and dynamic audio. Built with high quality and durable materials to withstand the toughest conditions.

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6.5" Wall Mount Speaker - White
MSRP $18.95
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5" Outdoor Marine Speaker
MSRP $41.95
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8” Active Subwoofer
MSRP $245.95
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