Introducing Furrion Access™

Introducing Furrion Access™

Stay online while exploring the world offline with our new integrated system. It will keep you fully connected when you’re on the move.

Stay online, while exploring the world offline.

Furrion Access™ is an Omni-Directional Rooftop Antenna and a Wi-Fi Router that receives stable VHF/ UHF/ FM/ AM, HD TV and 4G LTE and Wi-Fi signal. It can be used in tandem with our 4G network and data plans which come in four conveniently comprised packages.

Furrion Access™ Includes

  • Extended connectivity to WiFi and 4G
  • Connect with up to 30 devices
  • Secure Connection
  • Easy to Top Up

Connected on
the go.

We designed an all-in-one device that delivers fast, reliable internet access whether you’re in the city or remote areas. Furrion Access™ creates a smarter, more connected ecosystem on-the-go.

How to Get Furrion Access™

Step 01


Purchase our Omni-Directional Rooftop Antenna and LTE WiFi Router. If you already have the Furrion Antenna, you can buy the router on its own.

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Step 02


Follow the instructions on your router to register your device and receive 1 GB of free data.

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Top Up
Step 03

Top Up

Choose from a range of data plans to continue to enjoy complete connectivity on the move.

Data Plans

Data Plans

  • US Nationwide 4G LTE
  • Consistent and reliable connection
  • 30 day pay-as-you-go plans and easy to top-up online
  • No annual or service contract required.
  • User friendly account management interface
Purchase Data
  • 0.5GB /mo
    $14.49 per month
  • 1GB /mo
    $19.49 per month
  • 3GB /mo
    $34.49 per month
  • 5GB /mo
    $49.49 per month
  • 10GB /mo
    $64.49 per month

Bespoke solutions.

We can build intelligent and connected ecosystems for businesses such as recreational vehicle manufacturers, parks, marinas, remote hotels and more.

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Impeccable Signal Quality

Stay in touch with a consistent and reliable connection. With its omni directional technology, the antenna is capable of receiving 360 degree signal and enhancing signals to deliver boosted Wi-Fi, HDTV and radio signals.

Supreme Signal Quality

Consistent signal strength even under challenging conditions. Thanks to the new built-in high gain low noise amplifier and Signalsmart™ technology, Furrion Access™ reduces interferences significantly and delivers crystal clear signal quality.

A Reception Boost

Maximize speed, reliability and signal reception with integrated high powered dual 4G LTE antennas. Remain a stable and reliable internet connection for both upload and download even when the signal strength is weakening.

A Connected Ecosystem

Boost your entire ecosystem with a strong and steady connection. An amplified signal booster ensures your TV signal stays at the right strength for optimal viewing. Stereo connections across VHF, UHF, FM and AM and boosted 4G LTE and Wi-Fi signal make sure you’re always connected.

How it works

A state-of-the-art 360-degree signal reception rooftop antenna that can receive signal from every point eliminating frustrating dead spots; It receives VHF, UHF, FM, AM, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE signals.