Furrion Design

The Art of Design.

We partner with creators and innovators to build technology that focuses on human-centered experiences. Since 2010 we have advanced the goals of our customers by co-creating the future of electric mobility, off-grid ecosystems, compact living, luxury hotels, yachting and more.

We challenge the elements.

Engineers, designers and technologists breathe life into our imaginings. Inspired by wind, terrain, water and sun, we are motivated to deliver experiences to the adventurous who roam the world and ride to the edge of possibility.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

We have a vision for how life could be. Everything we design exists to bring us closer to a smarter, more sustainable future, faster. As inventors, we combine tactility and technology to fuse real worlds and digital universes, and engineer limitless lifestyles.

We don’t wait on others to make the things we want—we figure it out ourselves. Our team of 60 is driven by an eye for design, mind for creativity, and a desire to live out our wildest dreams.

Bespoke solutions.

We can build intelligent and connected ecosystems for businesses such as recreational vehicle manufacturers, parks, marinas, remote hotels and more.

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  • Elysium™

    The ultimate luxury.

    Furrion Design created a concept RV that connects you with intelligent technologies in luxurious comfort. Elysium is 45' long, 8' wide, 13' 6" high and is a fully operational luxury home on wheels. It features a helicopter that descends into the RV, from the sun deck helipad, before driving.
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  • Adonis

    Technology in motion.

    We built an entirely new experience on water with innovation that underlines the opulence and style of yachting. Bespoke technology includes electronics, power, monitoring, video surveillance, home entertainment, appliances and Angel - a virtual concierge service powered by artificial intelligence.
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  • Limitless™

    The connected journey.

    Limitless is a 5th wheel like no other. It features 6 slide outs expanding to 350 square feet of smart living space. When paired with Hercules, a futuristic semi-truck, the two vehicles create an ultimate connected living experience powered by Furrion technology and 4G network.
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  • Utopia

    Self-sustainable luxury living.

    Specializing in unique and architecturally designed interiors and exteriors, Furrion Design, sets the standard for contemporary living. Classic design, cutting edge technologies and renewable energy solutions combine to create luxurious environments. Smart technologies provide the ultimate control and facilitate seamless integration.
  • In The Works

    All-terrain electric vehicles.

    Our vision for energy efficiency and sustainability is influenced by the world around us: sunlight, water, movement. This is what inspired us to design a new generation of electric vehicles for the adventurers and thrill seekers.
  • Interiors

    Comfort designed for long-haul travel.

    Inspired by the future of travel and comfort, Furrion design
    created a sophisticated cockpit interior for prestige yachting.
    It generates an individualized space and transcends the typical
    notion of transportation, making the interior design as unique as
    the technology itself.
  • Technology

    Video surveillance and navigation.

    The drone-port concept is a result of our desire to create products that extend beyond the norm of everyday life. Developed with technology that inspires the modern traveler, the drone synchronizes with Angel, our virtual concierge service, to deploy a drone that provides security surveillance of the surroundings and takes photos of moments and places via voice command.
  • Automotive
  • Cockpits
  • Drone port