Furrion Vision S® Single Camera System


Furrion Vision S® Single Camera System

Customize your RV or commercial trucks for safety monitoring with Furrion Vision S® system. Wide viewing angle, night vision, and motion detection let you keep eyes on what's going on around you easily.


- Monitor
- 1 Rear Camera with Sharkfin Camera
- Windshield Mount and Table Stand
- 12 months limited warranty

Not compatible with Vision 1 or Vision 2 systems

Available in:
  • 7" Monitor
  • 5" Monitor
  • 4.3" Monitor

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MSRP $795.95

  • Get there, safely.


    Furrion Vision S® Vehicle Observation Systems are easy to install in a RV, commercial truck or trailer. All cameras offer a wide viewing angle and night vision while the motion detector and auto-wake function add extra security when the vehicle is stationary. The monitor can be moved inside your RV when you're not using it during driving. Furrion Vision S Vehicle Observation Systems are wireless and feature a high-speed chipset which provides real-time high-definition viewing up to 24fps. The 2.4GHz proprietary wireless connection digitally locks the cameras to the display (up to 492ft) which provides a lag-free and interference-free viewing even at high speeds.

    Key Features

    - Digital connection (2.4GHz) 

    - High resolution camera 720 x 480 

    - Wide viewing angle 

    - Night vision & Intelligent IR cut filter 

    - Motion detection and microphone 

    - Security camera auto-wake 

    - IP65 Waterproof camera 

    - Monitor with HD touch screen and anti-glare display  

    - Movable and wireless monitor 

    - Up to 4 cameras displayed (5 and 7" only)

    - Rear assist marker lines

    • Wireless Frequency
    • Wireless Range
    • Camera Resolution
    • Night Vision Distance
    • Optical Lens
    • IR Cut Filter
    • Viewing Angle
    • Waterproof
    • CMOS Size
    • LCD Brightness
    • LCD Contrast
    • LCD Viewing Angle
    • LCD Aspect Ratio
    • Wireless Frequency
    • Wireless Range
      Up to 492ft. (150m) in open area
      Up to 50ft. (15m) at high speeds
    • Camera Resolution
      720 x 480
    • Night Vision Distance
      Rear/ Doorway: Up to 16ft. (5m)
    • Optical Lens
      Rear/ Doorway: F2.0
    • IR Cut Filter
      850nm Automatic
    • Viewing Angle
      Doorway & Rear: 120°
    • Waterproof
    • CMOS Size
    • LCD Brightness
      4.3”: 240 cd/m2
      5”: 420 cd/m2
      7”: 170 cd/m2
    • LCD Contrast
      4.3”: 900:1
      5”: 600:1
      7”: 300:1
    • LCD Viewing Angle
      4.3”: L/R75, U60, D70
      5”: L/R65, U50, D60
      7”: L/R80, U60, D70
    • LCD Aspect Ratio
  • Specifications


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    User Manual


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  • How to pair Furrion Vision S® doorway and rear cameras

  • Both the Sharkfin camera prep and Side Marker Light prep systems will work with your RV.

    Both 5” and 7” monitors will work for more than 1 camera system.

    Yes, you can. To view all the backup and rear-view cameras in your RV, simply select the ‘View All’ cameras option on the screen.

    To get a closer look at one specific camera, click on the camera view you want to zoom into.

    Please refer to the IM, or Furrion's Youtube video channel for detailed explanation.
    • The best way to pair your monitor and camera is by using the dual plug on the cigarette power adapter.
    • Verify that both the monitor and camera have power (There should be blue power lights visible on both units).
    • Press the power / confirm button to power on the monitor
    • Press the menu button and scroll to the "set" icon *
    • Press the power / confirm button to enter the set up screen and scroll to the "pair" icon
    • Press the power / confirm button
    • The screen should display "pairing" (Be sure to hold the pair button for at least 2 seconds)

    No. Furrion cameras do not record videos.

    No - Furrion cameras will only pair with Furrion monitors.

    You should first check if the backup camera system is receiving power from your RV. Make sure to hold the camera pairing button for 2 seconds. You may also refer to the IM for more troubleshooting options.


    Yes, this can be done quickly and easily, providing a dual purpose for your RV backup and rear-view camera systems.

    No, but you can use the monitor to keep a check on the cameras even outside the RV.

    Monitors can be bought separately as replacement/spare part for your RV backup camera system. Cameras can also be bought separately.

    Yes, Furrion cameras have night vision.

    All Furrion RV backup camera systems come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

    The Furrion camera requires 300mA of current to run efficiently. In many of today's towing vehicles, the vehicle charging system only supplies the power being requested by the trailer and does not consider any add-on products for the coach. Here are some possible solutions to get your RV backup camera system up and running:
    1) Have a dealership connect the camera into a direct line from the coach batteries and install a switch in the line. This will help avoid any voltage or current issues from the tow vehicle.
    2) Furrion camera adapter harness F2BC003XXBK. This adapter harness diverts power on the No.4 pin (marker lights) directly to the trailer batteries using the trailer wiring. No rewiring necessary. You may also refer to the IM for more troubleshooting options.

    Please refer to the IM, or Furrion's Youtube video channel for detailed explanation

    Please refer to the IM of FCE48TASH.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent camera.

I installed this in about 10 minutes on a Rockwood Roo, but the Roo was prewired for the camera. If your rig isn't prewired, there are extra steps you will need to take to make this work for your setup but those are outlined in the install instructions. For the prewired Roo, it already had the black fin plate attached to the back of the rig so I didn't have to drill or caulk anything and honestly it took more time to lug out the ladder than it did to install this whole setup.
The first step is to pair the camera with the monitor, which was pretty easy. Plug in the monitor to the cigarette lighter/adapter in the car, then plug the camera into the split wire connection (the monitor power wire has a split connection that you plug the camera into), turn the monitor on and it pairs. You may have to hit the menu button on the side of the monitor and select pairing, but the whole process was very simple.
Second step was to install the camera. On the Roo there is a black attachment at the top of the back of the rig that looks like the case the camera is in but without the camera. Essentially you remove the camera from the factory case and mount it in the case already on the rig, which is very easy. On the RV case there is a small plate where the camera mounts which is held on by 4 screws, just unscrew the plate but don't lose the screws because they are very small. Then remove the camera from the case it is installed in and plug the camera into the wire preinstalled in the rig, push the wires back into the case on the rig, then attach the camera with the 4 screws. It is really very easy if your rig already has the black fin case already attached.
Finally, adjust the camera to the angle you want and you are set.
The monitor attaches to a suction cup which then attaches to your windshield. The monitor plugs into the cigarette lighter/adapter for power. I added a small velcro strap to the wire to bundle it.

Overall it has excellent picture quality and is very easy to install and easy to adjust the camera angle. You just "click" the camera up or down by moving it and it stays in place. It does not move at all even when going over rough roads.
I used it while driving and had no issue with picture loss and everything was real time. I could see cars coming up on either side of my rig without having lag issues. Also I did not have to "mirror" the image. Cars coming up on the left appeared on the left of the screen, cars on the right appeared on the right, no problem at all. You would just have to double check your connection to see if you would need to mirroe the image.

Now for the "CONS". The monitor and the power cord. I hate cords hanging all over the place and this cord is long. I just used a velcro strap to bundle the excess wire and it seemed to work fine but because they used a bulky ciagrette lighter type adapter plug, it stuck out and kept getting in the way until we got use to it being there. I wish they would have thought about using a USB cord to power the monitor because then I wouldn't have had the huge adapter getting in the way. Honestly though, that would be my only real complaint.

Overall the camera and monitor are an excellent addition to my rig. My only suggestion or recommendation to Furrion is to work on making this iphone/android compatible so that the monitor setup could be replaced using a phone or tablet. But again, this is a great setup for my rig.

Super easy setup

I bought this screen and camera combo to go with the cameras already installed on the used RV I purchased. Previous owners took the screen with them (in their truck I assume) so I had great side and rear cameras but no way to see them! Got this screen, plugged it into the 12v cigarette socket in a car and had the cameras each synced to it within about 2 minutes per. The camera that came with it is going to become a backup camera on my tow vehicle once it's mounted, and will sync up to the screen as the 4th 'door' camera. I do wish you could change camera names, but that's just a small detail. The only complaint I could have about the system is that the video can be choppy at times. Not typically so bad that it could cause an accident or issue, but it's just not smooth and makes you second guess things for a second or two. But this is installed in the front of a long crew cab International 4300 with extended bed, and it talks to the rear camera on the back of my 42' 5th wheel just fine (about 50 ft total give or take)

Awesome view and connection

I bought this to replace my old Furrion S with a 4.5" screen. The larger screen is so awesome. It is a true rear view camera wen driving down the highway. My RV is no longer a burden to pull. This camera and screen has taken the guesswork out towing a pull-behind RV.

The connection on this camera is also much better. My S model would occasionally lose connection between camera and monitor. Usually right when I needed the visibility. I used this new camera this weekend on a 2 hour out and back trek. I never once lost contact between camera and monitor. It gave me total confidence while pulling my camper.

Trials rider
Invaluable when backing up unit.

I installed this on a 28' bumper pull camper. It's very nice to be able to see traffic behind you when driving down the road as you never know when some jerk is going to come blasting by you. I have an RV garage where I parked my previous Class A motorhome which obviously I would just drive into the garage. I had frustrations trying to back the pull behind camper into the garage but now with this camera I can do it myself! Invaluable in that regard! I wish the video was a bit brighter but I think the Furrion is as good as it gets!

D. Long
Works great on 40’ 5th wheel RV

Camera works great, I have it installed at the back of my 40’ fifth wheel RV and it works without any problems. The signal strength is a little on the weak side but hasn’t ever lost the signal. The picture quality is very good and I love being able to see what’s going on behind me. Hoping to purchase the side cameras as well so I can get a full all around view. The camera even have a built in microphone so you can hear your spotter when backing up (no ability to talk back). I would put this in my “must have” category especially for large rigs.

Erik Ketner
Pretty easy to install and use

I actually returned the 7" model because the screen function didn't work and purchased the 5.4" model. I like the smaller model anyway because it fits better on my windshield. The 7" model didn't fit as well because of the angle of my windshield (RAM 1500 truck) and the antenna. I removed one of my marker lights on the back of my RV (Outdoors RV) and used the power and negative wires to installed the camera. It was easy and worked great without drilling new holes in my RV. The camera only works when I have my truck lights on, which is great. I don't need to worry about draining my RV batteries or connecting a on/off switch.

Linda Sosko Brown
Awesome camera so with the money

We had a Tadibrothers camera prior which was off more than it was on. This gave us a clear accurate picture all the way of a 1500 mile trip. At first we had some issues with the mirroring which customer service guided us to fix. The next is the camera is paired to the door rather than the rear. No problem just couldn’t see the back up lines. Once we take the plug and play camera down and repair it it should be good to go. I would highly recommend this. Son attached it to the wires that we had previously so no issue there the only downside for US was the mount. Hubby doesn’t like the windshield mount so we combined that with what we had previously so it sat in a good spot on the dashboard we have a combination of 50 far between the truck and 5th wheel

Great camera, flipping image was not straight forward!

I like backing up and hearing my wife talk and tell me which direction and how far to go. You need to turn the volume all the way down when traveling and then turn it up when needed for backing up as it picks up all road and air noise. The camera came paired with the monitor so hooked up and 5-10 minutes up and working. Problem was the image was backwards so cars passing me on the left were passing on the right side of the monitor. The menu has a settings that lets you flip the image but it would not flip. Called customer support and they said camera is probably too far to get the signal to flip so told me to take the camera down and plug it into the short pigtail off the power cord in my cab. The flip worked immediately, just wish the instructions had said to try the camera in the cab of your truck first to make sure the image is how you want to see it!

Mark T.

This was an easy install if you have some mechanical ability. Most newer trailers are prewired for a back up camera. In order to power this observation camera so it runs anytime the trailer is in motion I went to the junction box at the back of the pin box and moved the supply wire (yellow wire in this case) to the running light circuit. I went the extra step and soldered the connections and used heat shrink tubing over them.
Total install time 30 minutes. I was surprised to find out the camera has a microphone, an alarm that activates if your backing up and something moves within the field of vision. My trailer is 43’ and the first trip out I put about 400 miles on it and had it up to 80 mph several times and never experienced a hiccup. Tunnels did not cause any issues.
The next thing is to add a camera into the garage to keep an eye on the Harley’s. I am sure one open slot will be aimed at the portable stripper pole and 2 stroke Margarita Blender and streamed to the internet during Stagecoach and Sturgis....

Worth the Wait!

When we bought a new travel trailer this summer we knew we really wanted a rear-view observation camera. This would allow us to see what was behind us while driving, and also provide assistance when parking/backing the RV. We did our homework - and most all reviews put Furrion on top. However, they only offered a 4.3 inch screen - where all the other contenders were 5.5+ inch screens. We were still on the fence which way to go - when we discovered Furrion was now offering a 7" screen. SOLD! Yes - it does cost more than most other options...but given what we paid for our RV, well worth the investment. Our tow vehicle is 20+ feet & the trailer is just over 35 feet (total length). We had no issues connecting (synching) with the camera during setup. We have not had any issues with the video while driving - and we have been on highway (higher speed) and curving/mountain roads. We were fortunate that our RV came "prewired" for the wireless camera system (mounting bracket & power) I cannot speak to how easy/hard it may be to add a camera to an RV not prewired. The system is expandable to be able to add up to a total of 4 cameras (rear, front, sides)...we may add in the future. It also does a pretty good job with its night vision, esp for parking in the dark. My husband hated when he could not see what was going on behind us. Highly recommend if the $ isn't an obstacle for you.