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Air Conditioning

Furrion Chill™ offers a wide collection of rooftop air conditioners for RVs, boasting the highest energy efficiency & cooling capacity rating available on the market. Cool down your camper or RV faster and to lower temperatures with Furrion's powerful AC unit, which is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions for life on the road. Available in manual, single-zone and multizone controls to suit your RV and comfort needs.

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Water Heater

Furrion’s 2.4 GPM tankless propane water heater slots into your RV and provides unlimited hot water on demand. Stay comfortable and have all the luxuries of modern living on the road as you explore everything nature has to offer. Easy retrofit installations mean you can install the tankless water heater on any RV model. Get your desired temperature and steady flow, just like home, with the water heater's intelligent control system.

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