Marine Cooking 7


Furrion's collection of electric and gas (propane) stoves deliver perfect, consistent heat. When it comes to camper stovetops, the 3-burner layout with electric ignition gives you the diversity to cook any recipe in your RV or home, and our double burner induction cooktop is a top-of-the-line marine stovetop for boats or homes.

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RV Double Burner Induction Cooktop
MSRP $445.95
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RV Microwaves

Furrion's range of RV microwaves provides ample cooking space with greater flexibility, perfectly integrating into your RV kitchen. Made to withstand shocks and vibrations, our camper microwave is ideal for mobile lifestyles, on land or at sea.

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0.9 cu.ft. Solo Microwave Oven
Available in:
  • Black
  • Glass Mirror
MSRP $235.95
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