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RV Refrigerators

Furrion offers a wide range of 12V and 110V RV refrigerators, perfect for life on the road. Thanks to innovative designs, Furrion RV fridges provide superior cooling performance at low energy consumption. Furrion Arctic® 12 Volt Refrigerators boast an extra-large capacity delivering up to 33% more storage space when compared to other camper refrigerators with the same outer dimensions. The Arctic fridge is designed to fit into your RV easily, a stunning addition for all your off-grid and camping adventures.

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Electric Coolers

Furrion eRove® is an iceless portable electric cooler that’s perfect for camping, boating and all off-grid travels. The eRove features best-in-class cooling performance and large storage capacity so you can carry everything you need. With flexible power options, you can easily plug in and charge your cool box with a 12V DC or 120V AC outlet. Enjoy extended cooling periods for longer trips by pairing the cooler with an ePod battery and solar panel . A range of additional features and accessories make eRove one of the most versatile and effective portable electric coolers on the market today.

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