Hot Water

With a tankless, compact design, enhanced
safety features, and easy retrofit installation,
enjoy an endless flow of hot water when you
need it, just like home.

Built for the Road.

Engineered for durability and performance on the road, with Furrion VibrationSmart™ technology and components designed to withstand intense shock and vibration encountered by uneven terrain. With gas-powered technology, you can be sure of a consistent supply of hot water, even in off-grid areas.

Steady Temperatures.

Furrion’s Vortex technology consistently mixes water to your desired temperature. Hot and cold-water fluctuations become a thing of the past, ensuring you have a comfortable shower and consistent water temperature. By eliminating high-temperature fluctuations, the risk of hot water scalding is dramatically reduced, even when multiple water outlets are used at the same time.

Built-in Safety Systems.

Equipped with dual over-temperature sensors that automatically shut power off if the water temperature exceeds a safe limit. In addition, a safety valve protects against excess pressure and heat build-up, allowing pressure to safely vent when it reaches 87psi (6bar).

  • Designed to

    Specially designed to retrofit your existing water heater. Easily and conveniently upgrade from a traditional, limited-capacity tank water heater to a tankless unit, providing unlimited hot water on demand. This high performance unit comes with different door options to fit water heaters from 4 to 10 gallons, providing a solution for all RV sizes.

  • Retrofit door for Suburban™ 4/6 Gallon Water Heater model.

  • Retrofit door for Atwood™ 6 Gallon Water Heater model.

  • Retrofit door for Suburban™ and Atwood™ 10 Gallon Water Heater model.