Furrion ICIT

Inventing the
Future Today.

Innovation Center and Institute of Technology.

Our US headquarters is the central hub for Furrion innovation in the specialty vehicle, marine, home, and commercial industries. The ICIT features a grand showroom, mech pilot training campus, R&D facility, university, corporate offices and tech support for North America.
Connecting global operations.

Connecting global operations.

Located in the heart of the RV and truck manufacturing industry, this state-of-the-art facility serves as an epicenter for global operations and international business. Designed to stimulate product advances through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation.

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Our Facilities

We are

700 Furrion solar panels provide 100% of the energy requirements and can even provide energy back to the public grid.

Innovation in context. The future in action.

We feel our products are best situated in well-curated environments to demonstrate their efficiency and power. You’ll find our beautifully designed, large-scale concept vehicles in the atrium or you can walk through the stylized living spaces with the latest Furrion appliances and electronics.

Engineered with precision.

Our team of designers and engineers are dedicated
to creating experiences and capabilities that leverage
new and emerging technologies. The 20,000sqft
laboratory and vehicle bays provide testing resources
for real-world applications.