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May 07, 2018

Furrion Launches The Vision S™ Vehicle Observation System And Wi-Fi Transmitter Offering A New Level Of Safety, Security And Freedom For Those On The Go

ELKHART, INDIANA – Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the specialty vehicle market, today launches its new vehicle observation system the Vision S and the new Wi-Fi transmitter. This solution offers consumers the ultimate in viewing with limitless mounting combinations and up to four cameras on display on the high definition monitor.  With a 180 degree viewing angle, infrared night vision, integrated microphones and built-in marker/signal lights, Furrion’s Vision S system gives consumers the ease of use they desire and the safety that they demand in one complete package.  With the addition of the Furrion Wi-Fi transmitter, users can now transmit images to their smart devices as well giving them more freedom and security.


“Our Vision S system is truly a first of it’s kind in vehicle observation systems, ” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “It is the culmination of two years of talking to RV manufacturers and consumers about what they want in a system and then going above and beyond to deliver and exceed those expectations. The Vision S is the first system to be attached to clearance lights making it easy for consumers to add this on to an existing RV, commercial truck or trailer. The addition of the Wi-Fi transmitter gives our customers more flexibility on how and where they can view the images.  It is a great example of our driving vision to make the future perfect with innovative products that simplify and enhance mobile lifestyles.”


Safety First

The Vision S stands out because it is the only observation system that can be installed by the manufacturer, or a consumer, as an add on at a later day which allows customers to easily upgrade their existing RV with the latest in security and observation. Not only is it the first system to be attached to clearance lights, but it also allows for a simple tie in to the bargman cord so when a user hits the left turn signal, the system automatically enlarges the image the left side camera sees on the main center display giving the driver more information in real time.   All cameras offer a 180-degree viewing angle, night vision and a security auto wake function where the screen flashes if movement is detected outside the vehicle to give consumers added peace of mind.  Gone are the days of someone shouting directions and using frantic hand signals to the driver as they try to back up.  The rear camera features a microphone and back up audio so now the driver can clearly hear and see instructions from the person helping them back up.

Complete Customization

The Vision S solution is versatile - allowing consumers to use one camera and display unit or multiple combinations of cameras so they can tailor the configuration to what they need.  Someone with a trailer may just want a rear camera, where as someone with a larger RV may need several – this way the consumer can pick and choose according to their needs. 

The Vision S observation system is wireless and is available in a 7-inch, 5-inch or 4.3-inch high resolution display. The 7-inch is capable of showing up to four camera images at once and allows the consumer to enlarge any image on the touch screen. Mounting options are also customizable with choices of windshield and interior wall mounts as well as an interior table stand so you can place the monitor in the living area or the nightstand for added security.

More Flexibility

Furrion’s new Wi-Fi transmitter gives users more freedom beyond the display allowing the images from Vision S to be transmitted to the users cell phone or smart device.  The sleek transmitter converts a 2.4 GHZ wireless signal to Wi-Fi and offers an extended range for better coverage.  The transmitter features a sleek and modern design that is just slightly more than 4 inches wide allowing it to blend into the RV’s décor.

The Vision S observation system is designed to provide added peace of mind for a multitude of drivers, from RV to school bus and from commercial trucking to tow trailers. The 7 inch Vision S starter pack will be online and in dealerships at MSRP $399.  Other sizes will available mid-summer 2018. A variety of mounts and accessories will also be available and will be sold separately.



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