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Jan 26, 2021

RV Appliances to Support on-the-go Lifestyles


The right RV kitchen appliances support greater enjoyment of life on the road. Find out why Furrion is the perfect choice.

Whether you're craving a cold ice cream after a long day on the road or want to whip up an impressive entrée for campsite guests, a well-equipped RV kitchen is critical. With the right appliances, your RV kitchen is capable of almost any dish you'd make in a traditional home.

Furrion™ offers a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances that fit your space and support your food prep and lifestyle needs. Discover more about creating the ideal RV kitchen and what components to consider below.

Important Considerations for an RV Kitchen

When it comes to traditional in-home kitchens, top items on homeowner wish lists include walk-in pantries, eat-in kitchen space for family gatherings, and energy-efficient appliances. In short, people want room for the things they need to cook, space to gather and eat, and appliances that support these activities.

While an RV is certainly a smaller space than a traditional home, people want RV kitchens that meet those same basic needs. You simply have to look for a few different factors to ensure your RV appliances are able to serve those needs.

1. Built-in designs


Built-in is an optional customisation in your traditional home kitchen, but it's a must in an RV. Built-in appliances save space and optimize the organisation of your RV kitchen. Even refrigerators, which are most often stand-alone in a traditional kitchen, are built-in within RVs. Furrion's appliances are designed to be installed seamlessly into these built-in setups.

furrion rv oven range 21” Furrion RV Chef Collection™ Built-in Electric Oven.

2. Compact without compromise 


Obviously, your RV kitchen appliances are going to be smaller than what you might see in a traditional home, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on design or usable space. Look for RV appliance solutions that are compact, yet offer enough space to store and prepare nutritious, delicious meals. Furrion Arctic® 10. cu. ft. refrigerator is such a device, which delivers powerful cooling in a compact design but at 25% extra capacity compared to industry standard.

3. Two-in-One designs 


An easy way to save space without giving up functionality in your on-the-go kitchen is to opt for 2-in-1 designs such as the Furrion range oven, which lets you bake entrees while prepping sides, sauces, or other items on top. When it's not in use, a cover converts the cooking range to a countertop for extra work space.

Furrion oven range top and front

The Furrion oven range combines a powerful 7,100 BTU oven and a 3-burner cooktop.

4. Power flexibility


RV appliances run on either 12V DC power or AC power. DC power comes from your car battery and typically powers small appliances that don't draw a lot of energy. AC power comes either from the shore power at the campsite or by using a converter and is typically the option used to power larger appliances. You can see the problem here: What if you want to store groceries in a fridge while traveling or watch movies on a large TV screen with the family on your trip? Choosing energy-efficient appliances — even large ones — that can run on 12V power is the ideal solution. One example of this is the Furrion Arctic refrigerator.

Arctic cooling and spaceThe Furrion Arctic runs on 12V supply, more efficiently than any other 12V or absorption refrigerator.

5. Quiet operation


Quality RV appliances are quiet appliances. They're designed to go about their business keeping food cool or cooking items to perfect temperatures without making so much noise that they interrupt conversation, relaxation or sleep within the RV interior.

6. High quality materials and build


Appliances in your RV must be able to withstand life on the road, which can come with twists, turns, and wide-ranging temperature changes. Furrion appliances incorporate Furrion VibrationSmart™ and ClimateSmart™ technology to help ensure they hold up to your adventurous lifestyle.

Choosing Components for Custom Kitchen Needs

Consider all your needs and potential food and beverage cravings when outfitting your RV kitchen with appliances. Whether you need an oven or a range to create a hearty breakfast for the family or you want a fridge to keep things cool on your trip, the right appliances are important. If you're careful about choosing efficient, compact appliances that integrate into built-in RV kitchens, you don't have to give up one for another. Here are some options to consider:
Ovens for baking, roasting, and broiling
Ranges for stove-top cooking
Range hoods to cleanse the air and keep things comfortable in your RV
Refrigerators and freezers to house fresh ingredients and refreshing options such as ice cream and soda
Microwaves for heating up leftovers or preparing quick-fix meals
Dishwashers so you're not always left with kitchen duty when the road or the great outdoor is calling

Whatever your cooking habit or food needs are, we've got you covered with comprehensive RV kitchen appliance options that pack huge functionality in small packages.

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