Furrion Arctic®

12V RV Refrigerator

With its sleek and innovative design, the Furrion Arctic® 12V Refrigerator is built to keep food fresher for longer as you head off on your off-grid adventure. A stunning addition to any RV and the perfect companion.

Feel Right at Home

Furrion Arctic’s effective and modern refrigerator design features a recessed handle and an ideal fit complemented by various distinct finishes. The all-new 16 cu. ft. and 10 cu.ft. Furrion Arctic glass door refrigerators boast an easy-to-clean, scratch- and dent-resistant, black glass finish or stainless steel with glass finish. It’s a custom-like kitchen created to suit your RV needs.​

Engineered for Efficiency

Running completely on 12V batteries, Furrion’s powerful compressor motor delivers superior cooling performance.

Powerful Cooling.

By delivering a powerful deep freeze in a large storage space, you can confidently store cold foods like ice cream without worrying about them melting.

Furrion Arctic®

From superior cooling, to increased safety and reliability, a DC refrigerator is the perfect companion for your RV. Here are 5 reasons to consider the Furrion Arctic 12V DC Refrigerator over traditional gas-powered products.