Angel AI
Furrion Angel™

Virtual Concierge.

Powered by a network that knows no limits, built with intelligence that responds to your every move.

The future is yours to explore.

Introducing Furrion Angel™ – A powerful tool to control your products and an intelligent guide to wherever you venture. Angel is a digital concierge service built with technology that enhances comfort, connectivity and can adapt to any lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence

Built to help you push the boundaries of life and explore.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Furrion Angel™ learns your personal preferences to customize your travel itinerary and control your product ecosystem. With the sound of your voice, you can control climate, entertainment, lighting, blinds, security systems, navigation and access travel services like Hotel, RV park and marina bookings and much more.

Performance by design.

A user-centered approach to the design is applied to showcase a more human future experience and enhance personal productivity. Angel creates seamless transitions that move from all verticals of life and enables a connected journey that balances technology with nature.

The future in action.
Furrion Angel™ Onboard

The future in action.

We partnered with Numarine yachts to build an entirely new experience on water. Our hardware and software solutions, combined with prestige boat building, gave birth to a masterful blend of artistry, design and advanced technology.

Other Features

Offline Functionality

This is where AI meets the edges of the world. You can still access Furrion Angel™ when you’re off-grid and without any signal.


Furrion Angel™ adapts to you. It will learn your preferences for climate, lighting, and more and can automatically adjust to those settings once you enter your home, boat, or vehicle.

Mobile Living

Exploration is in our DNA, so we ensured that Furrion Angel™ could work wherever you are. Because we’re here to revolutionize luxury mobile living for RVs, boats, and hotels alike.

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Furrion Angel™ is a smart living platform that can be integrated into residential spaces, hotels, boats, recreational vehicles and more. We provide custom solutions that create intelligence ecosystems. Let us know if we can help you build the future.

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