Furrion Vision S® Single Camera System with Marker Light


Furrion Vision S® Single Camera System with Marker Light

Customize your RV or commercial trucks for safety monitoring with Furrion Vision S® system. Wide viewing angle, night vision, and motion detection let you keep eyes on what's going on around you easily.


- Monitor
- 1 Rear Camera with Marker Light
- Windshield Mount and Table Stand
- 12 months limited warranty

Not compatible with Vision 1 or Vision 2 systems

Available in:
  • 7" Monitor
  • 5" Monitor
  • 4.3" Monitor
MSRP $795.95

  • Get there, safely.


    Furrion Vision S® Vehicle Observation Systems are easy to install in a RV, commercial truck or trailer. All cameras offer a wide viewing angle and night vision while the motion detector and auto-wake function add extra security when the vehicle is stationary. The monitor can be moved inside your RV when you're not using it during driving. Furrion Vision S Vehicle Observation Systems are wireless and feature a high-speed chipset which provides real-time high-definition viewing up to 24fps. The 2.4GHz proprietary wireless connection digitally locks the cameras to the display (up to 492ft) which provides a lag-free and interference-free viewing even at high speeds.

    Key Features

    - Digital connection (2.4GHz) 

    - High resolution camera 720 x 480 

    - Wide viewing angle 

    - Night vision & Intelligent IR cut filter 

    - Motion detection and microphone 

    - Security camera auto-wake 

    - IP65 Waterproof camera 

    - Monitor with HD touch screen and anti-glare display  

    - Movable and wireless monitor 

    - Up to 4 cameras displayed (5 and 7" only)

    - Rear assist marker lines

    • Wireless Frequency
    • Wireless Range
    • Camera Resolution
    • Night Vision Distance
    • Optical Lens
    • IR Cut Filter
    • Viewing Angle
    • Waterproof
    • CMOS Size
    • LCD Brightness
    • LCD Contrast
    • LCD Viewing Angle
    • LCD Aspect Ratio
    • Wireless Frequency
    • Wireless Range
      Up to 492ft. (150m) in open area
      Up to 50ft. (15m) at high speeds
    • Camera Resolution
      720 x 480
    • Night Vision Distance
      Rear: Up to 16ft. (5m)
    • Optical Lens
      Rear: F2.0
    • IR Cut Filter
      850nm Automatic
    • Viewing Angle
      Rear: 120°
    • Waterproof
    • CMOS Size
    • LCD Brightness
      4.3”: 240 cd/m2
      5”: 420 cd/m2
      7”: 170 cd/m2
    • LCD Contrast
      4.3”: 900:1
      5”: 600:1
      7”: 300:1
    • LCD Viewing Angle
      4.3”: L/R75, U60, D70
      5”: L/R65, U50, D60
      7”: L/R80, U60, D70
    • LCD Aspect Ratio
  • Specifications


    Download Specifications

    User Manual


    Download User Manual
  • How to pair Furrion Vision S® doorway and rear cameras

  • Both the Sharkfin camera prep and Side Marker Light prep systems will work with your RV.

    Both 5” and 7” monitors will work for more than 1 camera system.

    Yes, you can. To view all the backup and rear-view cameras in your RV, simply select the ‘View All’ cameras option on the screen.

    To get a closer look at one specific camera, click on the camera view you want to zoom into.

    Please refer to the IM, or Furrion's Youtube video channel for detailed explanation.
    • The best way to pair your monitor and camera is by using the dual plug on the cigarette power adapter.
    • Verify that both the monitor and camera have power (There should be blue power lights visible on both units).
    • Press the power / confirm button to power on the monitor
    • Press the menu button and scroll to the "set" icon *
    • Press the power / confirm button to enter the set up screen and scroll to the "pair" icon
    • Press the power / confirm button
    • The screen should display "pairing" (Be sure to hold the pair button for at least 2 seconds)

    No. Furrion cameras do not record videos.

    No - Furrion cameras will only pair with Furrion monitors.

    You should first check if the backup camera system is receiving power from your RV. Make sure to hold the camera pairing button for 2 seconds. You may also refer to the IM for more troubleshooting options.


    Yes, this can be done quickly and easily, providing a dual purpose for your RV backup and rear-view camera systems.

    No, but you can use the monitor to keep a check on the cameras even outside the RV.

    Monitors can be bought separately as replacement/spare part for your RV backup camera system. Cameras can also be bought separately.

    Yes, Furrion cameras have night vision.

    All Furrion RV backup camera systems come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

    The Furrion camera requires 300mA of current to run efficiently. In many of today's towing vehicles, the vehicle charging system only supplies the power being requested by the trailer and does not consider any add-on products for the coach. Here are some possible solutions to get your RV backup camera system up and running:
    1) Have a dealership connect the camera into a direct line from the coach batteries and install a switch in the line. This will help avoid any voltage or current issues from the tow vehicle.
    2) Furrion camera adapter harness F2BC003XXBK. This adapter harness diverts power on the No.4 pin (marker lights) directly to the trailer batteries using the trailer wiring. No rewiring necessary. You may also refer to the IM for more troubleshooting options.

    Please refer to the IM, or Furrion's Youtube video channel for detailed explanation

    Please refer to the IM of FCE48TASH.

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm - 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
randy p
Best for the money

Great camera well worth the money.Do not spend your money on other cheaper cameras.........I spent over 400.00 on other cameras only to have to replace them.

Excellent upgrade for our travel trailer

My wife hated backing up with our travel trailer in tow. She was also uncomfortable on the highway without being able to use the rear view mirror. This camera solved all of that and more. The video is not the latest hi definition standards, but it more than good enough to see behind the rig either on the road or working into tight camp sights. At night the night vision works very well.

We have discovered that the wide angle of the camera will pick up cars that are right at the rear of the trailer before passing us. By the time these cars leave the camera view, they appear at the side window. This has reduced surprises from cars approaching from the rear.

The system was easy to install as in our case we simply replace the existing center position light on the top of the trailer with the Fusion light. This did require filling the existing screw holes, adding some sealant around the opening where the wires were located inside the wall of the trailer, and installing screws in the new locations dictated by the design of the camera. But this was no big deal. The entire installation took only about 30 minutes. Linking the camera to the monitor was done at the factory so the moment I turned on the system it was working.

Since I am powering the camera off of the electrics for the running/parking lights, those likens must be on for the system to work. That is as simple as Turing on the parking lights when the rig is hooked up.

We are very happy with this system. There are less expensive units on the market, but this system shows a lot of thought in design and application. I would recommend this system for anyone who wants a rear view camera system.

Works great

The installation took about 15 mins to do the camera linked with the screen immediately when powered on. The picture quality’ is excellent the only issue is being mounted so high up on camper it does provide a somewhat distorted view.